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Measure this, jcrew!

quick-weight-lossI love this picture.  It makes me laugh.  And it inspires me.  What does it do for you?  I find myself lately addicted to looking at people’s before and after weight loss pictures.  Now, obviously this one is computer generated, but you can find tons of people’s success stories out there for inspriration.  I try to steer clear of success stories that are tied into a product because I’m not buying.  I like trying to find someone just like me as far as age, height, start weight, and goal weight.  It’s inspiring to see someone achieve this goal because sometimes it’s so hard to believe that I can do this. 

Yesterday, my mom measured me to send in my initial stats to my seamstress, Brandie Thomas.  I was kind of excited for this because I had measured myself in the fall before I had lost weight, so it was important for me to see actual numbers of how my body has changed.  For me, this speaks louder than a weight. 

I have gone down two inches in my chest, two inches in my waist, and four inches in my hips.  My waist to hip ratio is .78 which is high.  The recommended ratio for minimizing heart disease (how this is linked is anyone’s guess) is .7 meaning that your waist measurement is 70% of your hip measurement.  Basically, for those who are math challenged, take your hip measurement and divide it by your hip measurement. 

Along with minimizing heart disease risk, your waist to hip ratio (WHR)  is also related to others’ attraction to you.  I was watching some show on some channel (It was late.) about a study where they had instructed participants to look at computer generated images with different WHRs and indicate if they were attracted to the figure or not.  They showed them all sorts of figures, but there were many more “attractions” to the figures that had a .7 WHR regardless of the starting numbers (small, large, etc).  A .7 WHR shows up throughout history in art featuring women as well.  Apparently this relates to a man’s perspective of how able a woman is to bear his offspring.  A .7 WHR ensures a large enough womb, I guess. 

The study showed even more attraction to WHRs closer to .5 which means that the waste of the figures was HALF of the hip measurements.  This would make childbearing nearly impossible, according to the study.  This indicates that men have given up on the whole child bearing idea rather to concentrate on the attraction for other reasons….hmmm….

So where does this leave me?  What are my goals for my WHR?  My measurements were as follows:

Height:  69″ (5’9″), Bust:  40.75″, UnderBust (Bra size): 35.75″, Waist: 35.5″, Hip: 45″, WHR:  .78

Goal (according to jcrew size charts size 10:  Bust: 37.5″, Waist: 30, Hip:  40″, WHR:  .75

Why did I pick size 10?  Dunno…just cause.  🙂  It’s a start, right? I wanted to set a realistic goal.


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I’m a little fat and a little crazy.



fat-bride-cartoonIs anyone else considering breaking up with their fat asses?  We are at 542 days to go now, and maybe I should switch my countdown over to pounds…

That would be 28 pounds to go until I am in a “normal” weight range.  That would be 48 pounds to go until I am at my doctor’s goal weight for me.  Is anyone else trying to lose weight before their wedding?  What a dumb question.  Excuse me…let me rephrase that:  IS ANYONE NOT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT BEFORE THEIR WEDDING?  And if you are not, also where do you live so that I can come kick you in the pants.  Kidding.  Maybe. 

I have wonderful friends.  Really lovely ladies.  Really lovely tiny ladies.  They range from size 6 to size ZERO.  And they would never make me feel like I wasn’t wonderful or beautiful intentionally, but trying on wedding dresses and being told that my size would have to be special ordered because they don’t carry circus tents is my worst nightmare ever.

Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating…A LITTLE.  Are you sitting there thinking, “this gal is either really fat or really crazy”.  Let’s meet half way.  I’m a little fat and a little crazy.  I am 5’9″, so a healthy weight range for me is between 135 and 170 (although I think someone tall like me weighing 135 would probably look like a skeleton).  My “normal” weight would be 168lbs…scroll up, scroll down, do the math, and yup:  I currently weigh 196lbs.  My “goal” weight (the middle point of the “normal” BMI ranges) is 148lbs. 

I am doing a bang up job this year, I must say, of keeping to my New Years Resolutions, and with the 8lbs that I lost in 2008 plus the 19lbs I’ve lost this year, I’ve lost 27lbs….moremathmoremathmoremath, and yup:  I started out at 223lbs. 

So let’s recap:  I was really fat:  223lbs.  I’m still fat, but less so:  196.  I want to be “normal”: 168.  I want to be “really normal”: 148lbs.  And I have 6 months until I will not be able to hold back my dress hungry bridesmaids any longer. 

Isn’t this blog fun?  Neuroses and numbers all before nine o’clock.


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