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I’m such a tweet.


Okay, so you can now follow me on Twitter. 

I’ve heard so much mention of Twitter in the last month or so that I felt the need to check it out.  I am not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not, but I’m in school right now earning my masters in library and information science which basically equips me to be a librarian.  A large portion of the classes deal with technology and web2.0 programs.  Twitter has been mentioned from time to time, but I was basically clueless as to how it works.

In order to combat this problem, I have decided to be proactive in my technology expansion and get a little more cosey with Twitter.  I have spent an hour or two on the site, and after this time investement, I can confidently say that I still have no clue as to how it works. 

I’ve found a few folks on there to “follow”, which means that I have subscribed to a running post of all their updates.  So far I’ve found Pioneer Woman and Weddingbee, two of my all time favorite sites.  I feel kind of stalkerish at this point…hopefully that will wear off.  I mean, they want people to see their updates…right?  That’s why they’re on Twitter.

I haven’t figured out even 1% of the bells and whistles of this site yet…I don’t even know how to link you good readers to my Twitter home, but you can search for me there (JennyBryde, surprise, surprise). 

I will keep y’all posted as I figure more things out about this…or if I abandon it altogether due to frustration (a likely occurance).

Do any of you Twitter?  Give me some good advice or cool things to try in a comment below…


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