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Silhouettes are delightful…

I start to freak out if I can’t find a common thread that ties a group of objects together.  If I don’t have a great accessory or if my eyeliner falls short for the day, it kinda puts a damper on things for me.  I know.  It’s obsessive and shallow, but I keep these little digs in my head and don’t usually vocalize them.  I am afraid, however, that I need to vocalize my common thread that I hope to see flowing throughout our wedding theme.  

I’ve spoken before that we want a vintage garden look, and one thing that we are going to add to this is a silhouette of our faces.  I think this will come in SO handy in so many ways:  stationery, decorations, even bathroom signs!  

Today I am going to feature many pictures featuring silhouettes. 


Okay, two things.

Number 1:  I’m pissed because I can’t figure out how to display the damn pdf file in this post.  But if you click on the link there, you’ll see all my lovely silhouette pictures.  And I know that you can’t start a sentence with “but”….or “and”.  Thank you to lmariea for commenting on how to fix this!  

Number 2:  As per my resolution to give credit to images, I’m a little agast because I have no credit saved for any of these images.  If you see one of your own personal images, please send me a comment or an email so that I can properly praise your lovely work!

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