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Momma’s got a headache.


I’m  not very lucky very often.  It’s safe to say that I’m generally unlucky.  I’m the girl who steps in the gum (occupational teacher hazard).  I’m also the girl who has to throw away perfectly good pans because she leaves the plastic pancake flipper resting in the hot pan rather than on the responsible spoon holder while she steps into the next room to watch the cat bounce into the window while bird hunting, meanwhile back at the ranch…the pancake flipper has become a melted plastic pancake.  That last sentence was obscenely long-winded, excuse me. 

So when I received an email yesterday saying that I had won $50 from a drawing done by a local wedding website, I wahoo’ed!  My fiance said to me over the newspaper, “It’s a gimmick.  No one just gives out $50.”  Deflated, I went back to reread the email.  I actually didn’t even remember entering the contest (which is irrelevant because my memory is equivilant to that of the melted pancake flipper).  I replied to the email asking for more info about the $50, and the webmaster lady reminded me about the drawing (In a rather snooty email, I might add.  I’M SORRY I FORGOT YOUR CONTEST, OKAY?).  She gave me the address and told me I could pick up the cash between 2 and 6pm.  I promptly ha-ha’ed at my fiance and hopped into the shower. 

I was going out to meet friends for dinner and drinks, so I stopped at the address the webmaster lady gave me on my way there.  Apparently the webmasters of this local wedding website share their office with a computer store.  I walk in and explain that I’m there to pick up my $50 because I won the drawing, and the annoyed looking man said he had no idea what I was talking about.  What was this? I thought, Are they tricking people to come here and buy computers?  Shoulda known!  Finally another office lady came around and said “Yeah, so and so mentioned that someone would be coming along for money.”  Okay.  She gives me a $50 bill, I thank her, and walk out to my car.   I thought it was strange that no one even asked for identification or anything.  So if anyone else wants $50, go to 1047 State Street, Bettendorf, Iowa.  Ignore the rude man and ask for the lady who gives out cash. 

So did this responsible bride-to-be safely tuck away that $50 bill with her other $50 bills in her hope chest?  Heck no!  She spend it on a little food and a lot of vodka with her other wonderfully irresponsible friends.  $50 goes a long way during double bubble happy hour.  Today, momma’s got a headache.  I’m so lucky it hurts.

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