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Deep blue’d, dressed, and denied.


OMG!  This palate featured on Southern Weddings stole my heart away.  The symphony of colors is perfect!  Yes, fuckettes, I said symphony of colors.  The warm olive and deep majolica blue are now my specific colors.  I had pretty much narrowed in on blue and green with a splash of yellow and pink in there somewhere, but there are probably 100 shades of the “apple green” that I wanted and even more shades of navy blue.  This.  Is. It.  

Update on a few things (as I have been MIA the last few weeks):  

I got a nice little rejection letter from the job that I had applied for.  A little moment of heartbreak, and I’m over it.  I’m a firm believer in that things happen for a reason, and this job was not for me.  

As far as the dress give away triathalon, I ended up picking the Kathlin Argiro “Zoe” dress:  

Zoey_raspberryfaille_500px_alternate2It was the pockets that captured my heart.  I ordered it in white silk dupioni (the same fabric that my wedding dress has), and this hot little number will serve as my after-party dress.  Ialsoordereditinasize10…WHAAAAAAAAA???  Yes, ladies, I’ve done the cliched unevitable.  I’m currently a size 14, and I’ve ordered the dress in a 10.  This maneuver gives me an incentive to keep my ass working out.  I may even use this dress for our engagement photos this fall.  Yum.  That is…If I can keep losing the weight.  I will keep you updated on Secret Mission LosetheAss.

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