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Excuse me, can I get in? I’m the bride.


We are a year and a half away from our wedding day.  We have plenty of time.  No worries.  I’ve booked the photographer, the ceremony/reception venue, the caterer, the florist, the dress, and made the downpayment for the invitations.  Our budget has escalated some as we’ve refined our wedding day tastes, and we’re okay with that.  I still try to look for ways to trim our budget while still retaining the things that we love, and one idea keeps flashing in my mind:  Slash the guest list!   Yesterday, Miss Mary Jane of Weddingbee.com posted about this topic, and it got me thinking.  Reducing the guest list can be beneficial for many reasons. 

First, it’s the number one way of saving money.  We are spending roughly $75 per person for food and drink at our wedding, so cutting 10 people, for example, would save us $750.  That’s quite a chunk of change. 

Second, we are not overly social people.   On a typical Friday or Saturday night, you could most likely find us relaxing at home rather than being out and about.  A smaller wedding would be more in alignment with our lifestyle.

Third, my friends are currently dominating the guest list.  I looked yesterday at our rough draft of a guest list, and my friends alone take up over half of the invites.  This is a reality check.  I do not need to invite every last person that I know.  I have to come to terms with the fact that not inviting someone doesn’t mean you don’t like them or care for them. 

Because of this, I am considering cutting our guest list by about 40%.  Our venue will hold about 150 people for dinner.  Right now, our guest list sits at about 160.  Granted, not all of those people will be able to come.  If you follow the typical rule that 25% of your invitees can’t make it, then that puts our estimation at 120.  That’s pretty good, but I’d even be okay with the guest list going down to 100 even.  That would be swell with me. 

I think the slashing of our guest list will be relatively easy.  I will start with my co-workers.  I wouldn’t feel too terrible if I just said that I wasn’t inviting anyone from work.  A isn’t inviting anyone from his work…  It’s not a big deal.  I don’t hang out with anyone outside of school.  I may invite a couple choice people but make them swear that they don’t tell.  Or I may just say f-it, and not invite anyone from work period.  That would save 13 people right there. 

The other parts of our guest list that may not flesh out would be the group of friends who is a little unrully and doesn’t care to invite their significant others.  Don’t even get me started.  They are wild.  They are naughty.  They are fabulous.  So while I am inviting 16 people including spouses, really half of that won’t really come.  There’s 8 more guests chopped.

I am also inviting a handful of people that I worked with at my summer job in New Jersey which I had for years.  I love these people and would love it if they could come, but the reality is that they’d be traveling from far and (world) wide, so they may not be able to make it at all.  I’m guessing at least half of them won’t be able to come.  There’s another 5 seats saved.  So right there, I’ve mentally chopped off 26 guests bringing our guest count down to 135….and our budget down about $2000.  Makes sense to me.  Well.  That wasn’t so bad!  I’m going to keep chopping…

Is anyone else making “tough” decisions about their guest lists?

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