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Gocco, Glue, and Glitterati.

fontIn my fantasy, I always have beautiful stationery.  I write hand written notes by ink nub on spectacular paper.  People save these letters for years because they are handcrafted and lovely.  In reality, the only things that I handwrite are my grocery lists and the grades on my students’ papers.  Lately, I have been totally suckered in to stalking beautiful stationery for invites, table numbers, etc. etc…I know that my budget of 67 cents for our wedding will not allow much wiggle room for this fantasy to come to come to life.  So I will be Doing It Myself.  (Why do they call it a DIY project?  Are they trying to trick someone else to doing their work for them?  Clever little monkeys.)

Let’s start with what I already know.  I KNOW that I am not sure what a gocco is.  In my imagination, a gocco is a little dwarf that comes while you sleep to produce mass invitations.  Am I close?  I don’t even know how to pronounce “gocco”.  Is it a hard G like “gotcha” or is it a soft G like “giant”?  I prefer to pronounce it with the soft G because it’s more fun.  Try it.  Gocco Gotcha.  Eh.  Gocco Giant.  Brilliant!

I ALSO KNOW that I have issues with commonplace art supplies as well.  I am a horrible judge at how much glue to use.  You know the kid whose art projects were always bumpy because instead of unclogging the Elmers bottle they just squeezed really hard until it splurted all over their construction paper snow man?  You too?  Oh good.  Did you ever switch your bumpy snowman with your neighbors when they ran first out the door for recess?  No?  Shit.  I guess I’m alone here.

My point is here, folks, that my DIY supply experiences are limited.  I have these fantastic visions that start to come to life until I get bored or frustrated at which point, the piles of paper, ribbon, yarn, what have you go into a box somewhere until my FI finds them and asks me, “What the heck is this?” and I shrug and say, “Dunno, must have been something your nieces brought over”.  Having little kids around sometimes is really handy.

So when I read a blog yesterday about downloading free fonts, I was intrigued.  Here is a way to personalize things (sorta) without any mess at all.  Worst case scenario, I download a really pretty font that turns out to be a monster virus and we have to throw away the computer.  No biggie.  So I downloaded a font, followed the directions, opened a word document and gave it a go.  And……….it worked!  I am a DIY genius!!  Go ahead and worship me.  I have arrived.  I now have a word document with my name typed in forty different fonts.  THIS IS GOING TO BE SO HANDY….everyone is going to want my name typed over and over.  Maybe I could sell it.  I could start an Etsy store.  I can quit my job!  Someone take my picture!

The amount of free fontage out there has given me a little glimmer of hope that my beautiful stationery will come to life, but we’ve got miles to go before we sleep…

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