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Sports Bra Extraveganza!

sports-braOkay so if Sunday is to be deemed “Confession Day” here at the Jenny Bryde blog, then Monday will be deemed “Lame-Ass Excuse Day”. 

I was all pumped up yesterday for today.  Today was going to be the start of the running season.  I laid out my running clothes and even picked out some dirt out of the soles of my running shoes.  I got up this morning, put on a sports bra (A SPORTS BRA, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!), and opened the door to get the paper.  Pitter patter pitter patter.  Nope, that’s not my heartbeat speeding up with a lovely am jaunt around the block; it’s the damn monsoon that’s happening outside my door right now. 


We have had some seriously ridiculous spring weather so far including hail and snow storms.  My poor tulips don’t know what the fuck is going on. 

So I checked the ten day forcast, and SUPPOSEDLY it’s supposed to be nice the rest of the week until the weekend.  You all need to check back tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to see if my lame-ass excuses are Monday specific or if I’m really a fat, lazy, liar.  I hope not the latter.  I’m still wearing my sports bra, by the way. 

This post was supposed to be about my exhilarating run from which I had just returned.  Instead, I will punish myself.  This post is now a celebration of women who have rocking bodies who also wear sports bras.  Maybe this will give us some motivation. 

First up we have this chic:


She looks FANTASTIC in her sports bra.  Great cleavage, great arms, and she is SMILING.  She loves to exercise.  NOTICE HOWEVER, SHE IS NOT OUT IN THE RAIN.  I am not the only wuss out there.  NEEEEEEXT!


Okay, I am posting this one not to inspire us but because it made me laugh so loud that I scared our cat out of the room.  Seriously!  WTF?  I will NOT be wearing this sports bra.  NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT!


This picture does inspire me because this girl is so confident to run outside that she goes sans t-shirt.  I hope to be at that point some day.  Haven’t you seen that fantastic sweaty girl who’s totally in shape and in her element while she’s running.  That’s my goal.  NEEEEEEEEEEEEXT!


This picture is awesome.  There’s nothing particularly spectacular about J-lo’s sports bra, but she does look like she could kick someone’s ass.  And her legs are awesome!  (PS:  I found this picture on a webpage called “The World of Isaac” who features celebrities in sports bra.  I think Isaac is sort of a perv.)  NEEEEEEEEEEEXT!


And to wrap things up, we have the famous picture of Brandi Chastain ripping her shirt off after winning the Women’s World Cup in soccer.  Because of her, I have had fantasies where I am kick ass at soccer.  So wierd, right?  I’ve never even played.  I was the kid who faked being sick all the time to get out of gym class.  Why soccer?  But anyhoo, Brandi is in fantastic shape and is one of my role models.

Well I hope you enjoyed your Sports Bra Extraveganza on this fine Monday morning.  Check back tomorrow.  I will not be posting pictures of myself in my sports bra, but hopefully I can tell you that I just got back from a run and that I’m not still a lame ass.


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