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Dream job?

quit your jobI love this little graphic that I found out in the internet world.  I am a visual and mathematical person.  By the looks of this illustration, the dream job is roughly 5% of all jobs out there.  Which makes sense because about 5% of the US population has a dream job, and us jokers in the rest of the 95% are scrambling to get to the top of the pile.  

What is my dream job?  What can I do that I enjoy for which there is a demand??  Seriously, this graphic is a facade for the question asking what is the meaning of life.  

I am also a lister person.   Let’s list, shall we?

Things that I am good at:  research, typing, lying, 

Things that I like:  creating things, reading, research

Things for which there is a demand:  teaching literature in a shit district for ungrateful children.  

PS:  I have a fantasy in which I purchase a Yudu or a Gocco machine and make mass production of stylish invites with which I open a quickly successful Etsy shop and retire early with inky fingers.  

PPS:  I did not get the job in the lovely neighboring school district for which I applied recently…

What are you good at?  What would be your dream job?  Post below and let us know!

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