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The smoking pig is dead.

pig-smokingSo as mentioned previously, this future bride is trying to lose her past.  I am trying to drop major weight before my wedding and keep it off not only for the sake of my wedding photos, but also so that I can be a healthy mommy down the road.  I recently started being very concerned with my health and have made major steps in trying to take really good care of myself.

The first hurdle was smoking.  GASP.  Yep, I’ve smoked on and off since I was old enough to sneak cigarettes from my friend’s dad’s pack.  Even being a swimmer in high school, I’d smoke.  Bad, bad, bad.  This habit continued throughout college and beyond.  Just recently, I kicked the habit.  It was actually pretty easy.  I’ve been smoke free for about 4 months now.  My FI was also a heavy smoker.  Last week he came home with some nicotine mints and hasn’t touched a cigarettes now in 8 days.  So good for both of us.  🙂

The second hurdle was food.   I love food.  All food, and lots of it.  I’ve tried dieting before and failed every time.  It wasn’t until my father was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that made my head turn.  He had to follow a very strict diabetic diet and was told that he needed to lose 60lbs.  He was in hell for the first month, and so my mother and I have both been following the diet to be supportive of his efforts.  He succeeded!  He’s lost all of the 60lbs and has been told that his blood sugar tests have been coming back normal.  He is on a monitoring stage now.  My dad has totally been my inspiration, and after following the same diabetic diet, I have lost 20lbs.  I am in the lead for the biggest loser’s contest at my school.

Now I am ready for the third hurdle: Exercise.  I believe that this third step in moving towards a healthy life will actually be fairly simple to incorporate.  I’ve done the exercise route before and actually liked it, the problem being that I was still eating like a pig and smoking like a chimney.  Can you picture a smoking pig jogging around a track?  Yep, not very effective.  Well the smoking pig is dead, and I’m ready to run.

I’ve done various exercises before:  elliptical machines, aerobic classes, walking, and they’ve all given me moderate success.  Last year, I read a book called Secrets of a Former Fat Girl by Lisa Delaney. 


Okay, I’m  not going to say the cliche phrase that this book changed my life, but seriously, it did.  It’s the story of Lisa’s weight loss journey that included getting her eating under control and incorporating running into her schedule.  As I’m reading this book, I’m thinking, no way.  I hate people who can run.  But her book is so inspiring, and her frank honesty is releaving, that I decided to give running a try. 

I went to faithful Google and typed in “beginner’s running” and found several promising sources.  I ended up on the Runner’s World website which had an 8 week training schedule going from walking to running for 30 minutes straight.  I followed the schedule faithfully, and at the end of 8 weeks, I was indeed running multiple miles.  It was so ridiculous.  I had never even run a mile in gym class, and here I was getting up at 5 each day to go to the track and run 2, 3, and 4 miles. 

When it got too cold outside to run, I holed up in my house for the winter and didn’t really do much.  Now it’s getting nice outside and lighter earlier, and I am ready to go run.  I am starting tomorrow morning, and I am looking forward to it.

I am hoping to see my weight loss speed increase since this time around with exercising, I also have my eating under control.  Last time I was running, my weight stayed steady because I was still the smoking pig.  I will keep you posted on how this goes.  I think Sundays will be from here on out CONFESSION DAYS.  I don’t attend church per se, so this will be my medium in which to confess good habits or bad habits and a weight update.  I guess that make’s you, reader, my priest.  🙂

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I’m a little fat and a little crazy.



fat-bride-cartoonIs anyone else considering breaking up with their fat asses?  We are at 542 days to go now, and maybe I should switch my countdown over to pounds…

That would be 28 pounds to go until I am in a “normal” weight range.  That would be 48 pounds to go until I am at my doctor’s goal weight for me.  Is anyone else trying to lose weight before their wedding?  What a dumb question.  Excuse me…let me rephrase that:  IS ANYONE NOT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT BEFORE THEIR WEDDING?  And if you are not, also where do you live so that I can come kick you in the pants.  Kidding.  Maybe. 

I have wonderful friends.  Really lovely ladies.  Really lovely tiny ladies.  They range from size 6 to size ZERO.  And they would never make me feel like I wasn’t wonderful or beautiful intentionally, but trying on wedding dresses and being told that my size would have to be special ordered because they don’t carry circus tents is my worst nightmare ever.

Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating…A LITTLE.  Are you sitting there thinking, “this gal is either really fat or really crazy”.  Let’s meet half way.  I’m a little fat and a little crazy.  I am 5’9″, so a healthy weight range for me is between 135 and 170 (although I think someone tall like me weighing 135 would probably look like a skeleton).  My “normal” weight would be 168lbs…scroll up, scroll down, do the math, and yup:  I currently weigh 196lbs.  My “goal” weight (the middle point of the “normal” BMI ranges) is 148lbs. 

I am doing a bang up job this year, I must say, of keeping to my New Years Resolutions, and with the 8lbs that I lost in 2008 plus the 19lbs I’ve lost this year, I’ve lost 27lbs….moremathmoremathmoremath, and yup:  I started out at 223lbs. 

So let’s recap:  I was really fat:  223lbs.  I’m still fat, but less so:  196.  I want to be “normal”: 168.  I want to be “really normal”: 148lbs.  And I have 6 months until I will not be able to hold back my dress hungry bridesmaids any longer. 

Isn’t this blog fun?  Neuroses and numbers all before nine o’clock.


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