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My FI loves my two new girlfriends too!


No, we have not become the girls next door, but there are two women in my life that you readers should know about:  Michelle my facility coordinator and Cynthia my wedding planner.  Last night Cynthia, Michelle, my parents, my FI, and I all sat down for the first time at our venue.  This was the first time Cynthia and Michelle had met and the first time that Cynthia had seen Deere Run. 

This meeting was ever so important because I was growing weary of feebly trying to describe the indoor and outdoor space to Cynthia over phone calls and emails.  Each time I have gone out to our venue, Deere Run golf course, I have failed to bring a camera, and there are virtually no good pictures online of this place. 

Let me feebly describe to YOU what this place looks like.  It is a beautifully landscaped golf course in Silvis, IL set on a huge property (obviously) with mature trees, rolling landscapes, and impecable views.  As you enter the drive way and the club house approaches, your jaw drops at how pretty it is out there.  The club house has a really great vintage golf feel to it, and it is classy, clean, and well maintained.  Inside the club house is a gorgeous banquet room that has lovely wood work throughout, a huge fire place, and large Italianesque windows that overlook the 18th hole.  On the back side of the club house is a wrapping veranda that overlooks a large circular patio area which is at the bottom of a staircase.  Beyond THAT is a small hill under tall, tall trees, overlooking a pond and the 18th hole.  We are getting married under those trees.  It will be so beautiful.  Our cocktail hour will be on the circular patio, dinner will be inside the club house, and dancing will be back outside on the patio.  Here are the best pictures I have to give you an idea:


So during our meeting of the minds yesterday evening, both Cynthia and Michelle expressed their delight that the other was working on our wedding because they both compliment each other so well and will make each other’s jobs so much easier on the big day.  Michelle is extremely accomodating to all of our requests, and Cynthia is fantastic at finding creative solutions and visions for decor.  I am so blessed to know both of them!

It was also a first because this is the first time that my FI has voluntarily gone to a wedding related meeting of any sort.  He had input and even told me later that during our discussions of different details he got butterflies because he was so excited!  That is thrilling because so far in planning, he’s taken a big snooze. 

One detail from our meeting that gave ME butterflies was when we were talking about how to light the dancing portion of the evening which will happen back out on the circular patio area.  I had been trying to figure out on my own how we would rig tents and lighting to go with our theme and be lovely but not break our budget.  When I brought this up at the meeting, Cynthia said, “Oh!  I have a lighted 6-sided pavillion that has a chandelier and will work perfectly for that!  It looks like the gazebo at the end of the Twilight movie!”  Swoon.  I about fell over and tears welled up!  I AM SO EXCITED!  twilight-gazebo

This is exactly what I had envisioned for soft lighting four our outside portion of the evening.  Sigh…I love my new girlfriends.

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