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Eeeeeeek! I need your help! I can’t decide!


Okay, there’s something that you all need to know about me.  I am slow.  SLO-OW.  I just broke the word “slow” into two syllables to demonstrate my slo-owness. 

I take forever to make decisions, and I often change my mind much to the detriment of anyone who is present when I am trying to make a decision.  (Having a 26 month engagement has worked out perfectly for us because I can take my sweet time making every decision along the way.)

My girlfriends have long given up on going clothing shopping with me because I am the person who picks up a garment and carries it around for a couple of hours hemming and hawing over whether I really like it and can afford it.  In the end, after having made endure the endless ebb and flow of my opinion, I often put the garment back and walk out empty-handed.  This is a regular event. 

So now, I have a decision that I feel I need to make expeditiously:  the Kathlin Argiro rehearsal dinner dress.  I cannot make up my mind. 

Here is what I know:  My wedding gown and after party dress will both have a sweetheart neckline.  Because of this, I feel I need a different look for the rehearsal dinner dress.  I am also undecided if the Kathlin Argiro dress (KAd) will be used for my rehearsal dinner dress or my after party dress. 

Here are some dresses from KA that I like:

The Zoe dress:  Okay this dress had me at hello because it has POCKETS.  I have some kind of sick obsession with pockets.  This has a short hemline, but not too short…and it’s got a sexy v-neckline that will do justice to my cleavage.  I could order this in a white silk dupioni and use this as my after party dress.  Can you picture it with some cha-cha little heels? 


And here is the Blythe dress.  I love it!  So very Jackie-O!  I don’t have any dresses that look like this, and it is decidedly different than my wedding dress/after party dress look.  I love this blue lace and the little flower.  The lace also comes in purple (ick) and white and pink.  I could also get this done in a silk dupioni (although that’s what my wedding dress is in, so maybe not) or a seersucker.  I’m a sucker for seersucker. 


In white lace:


And in a seersucker:


I also love the Ballerina dress.  This is such a sweet little number.  Again, I’d probably order this in the seersucker, silk dupioni, or lace. 


Help me to decide!  Weddingbee has already contacted me to ask which dress/size/material etc. I’d like to order.

I think I need to make a decision by the end of the day probably….oh dear.

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I’m a weener.


So after all the ongoing drama with the Weddingbee/Kathlin Argiro bridesmaid dress contest, they posted the results yesterday.  We did indeed come in second place.  Apart from the whole accusation of cheating thing, the contest was really fun and brought my bridesmaids closer together…even though it was all bonding over emails and what not. 

Lizz C. won first place, so she gets the loot:  5 bridesmaid dresses of her choice from Kathlin Argiro’s designs.  That’s so fucking awesome.  I really hope that beyond having a beautiful board, that her BMs truely deserve free dresses.  If they are rich bitches, then I am going to steam for a while.  And then I’ll get over it. 

Before I’ve mentioned that I’m having my bridesmaids pick out their own green dress, and I do really like that idea, so we are back to that after having NOT gotten first place in the contest. 

Unbeknownst to me, second place board gets a free rehearsal dinner dress for the bride.  Well…that’s ME!  I guess I didn’t realize this as I was too focused on first place.  I felt kind of sheepish emailing my bridesmaids saying, “Well thanks for working so hard to get votes for our board.  You get nothing, and I get a dress.”  I felt really sheeeeeeeepish.  I did not realize that second place got something.  As a cynical person, had I been my bridesmaid, I would have not believed me.  Of course, my bridesmaids are lovely people, so they’re happy for me.  I think.

So now the question is…what dress to pick…and in what size.  This is the way I think about this…

I have been toying with the idea that I would like a mini-version of my wedding dress to put on at the end of the reception for the last dance and then the transition to the after party. 

Below is a picture of what my dress will look like.  This is the jcrew Lucinda dress that I cannot afford at $2500.  Isn’t she lovely?  Isn’t she won-der-ful.  (Thanks, Stevie Wonder…)  As I’ve discussed in prior posts, I am having this dress made by the wonderously talented Etsy vendor, Beyond the Reflection, aka:  Brandie Thomas.  The dress will be made in silk dupioni and will only cost me $375!   


As for the “mini” version of my dress, I have the following inspiration picture by Jim Hjelm.  The sweetheart neckline and pockets would be a perfect mimic of my wedding gown with a short and sassy hemline. 


Of course, I have also fallen for etsy vendor, Sarah Seven’s little white number.  So sweet!


And just to add insult to injury, let’s throw in an Oscar:


Honestly, I love this dress so much, that I’m thinking about asking Brandie to make this one as well. 

Anyhoo, the question then turns, what do I order from Kathlin Argiro?  Do I order an after party dress?  Do I order a rehearsal dinner dress?  Do I order it in my current size, or the size that I’ve set my goal for for my wedding day?  Oooooh…that last one is evil!  But I just may do it!

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I’m back, I’m fuming, and I’m exhausted.


This picture represents what I feel like right now.  I am completely worn out.  I have been really good since the birth of this blog at posting each day.  If you’ve noticed that, then you’ve also probably noticed that I’ve been missing in action for Saturday and Sunday.  I have had so much on my plate, and I only just feel like I’m slightly caught up to speed.  If you read out my post from Thursday, you saw that I had quite a bit to take care of.

I won’t bore you with details about my classes or my interview or what not, but in summary, everything went very well.  I am supposed to know on Friday this week whether or not I have been hired for the job that I was applying for.  In a nutshell, it’s a job in a REAAAAAAAAALLY good school district, and I’d be set for life if I was placed there.  Keep your fingers crossed.

And now for the current bain of my existance….this never ending bridesmaid dress give away that weddingbee is hosting.  It’s taken over my life.  We were in dead last, and then we climbed up the ranks to be fighting with number one.  2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2…1….this is how it went all week.  Anyhoo, on Saturday, Weddingbee posted that that would be the last day for votes.  At the end of Saturday, WE WERE IN FIRST!!!  YAYYYYYYYY!!!!  On Sunday, I stalked the computer to see when the final round of voting would start.  Stalk……..stalk………..stalk……..seriously until my fiance asked me to put away my laptop because I was being so OCD.  He’s never done that before, so I politely complied. 

This morning when I went to Weddingbee to check to see if the final round has been posted, it hadn’t.  Not only had it not been posted, but votes apparently were flying in over Sunday night, and now we were in second place for our round which would mean that we would NOT be going on to the final round.

This BURNS me.  I sent an email to Mr. Bee who is this saint who patiently listens to me if I need something, so hopefully he can make this right.  We technically were the winners of the round by the deadline of midnight on Saturday so ppfpfpfpfppfpfpf…(that’s the sound of me sticking my toungue out and blowing. 

So after my week of thinking my ring was done broke, having the interview for the job of my dreams, having my weekend taken away by being in grad classes all day Sat and Sun, and this dress contest, I am TUCKERED OUT.  I want someone to put me in a chair, strap me in, give me a binkie and a bottle and let me be.  Wake me up when we get there…

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Where I draw the line…


Isn’t this guy cute?  I just want to poke his belly, and because of this, there are several smudges on my screen.

Today’s post will address two things:  My obsessions with contests and my unwillingness to sell out.

First things first – Confession Time!  HI, MY NAME IS JEN, AND I LOVE ENTERING WEDDING-RELATED CONTESTS!  (This is where you all say, “hiiiiiiiii, jeeeeeeeeeeeeen.” blandly.)  This little habit began when I first started following wedding blogs.  I found websites such as weddingbee, stylemepretty, and snippetandink.  I luuuved them!  I still luuuve them!  They have given me unlimited inspiration, and without these beauties, I would have never formed my wedding vision.  Period.  As I got into following these blogs, I also followed their references to other wedding related blogs, and soon I had my collection of about twenty blogs that I really liked to follow.  I am obsessive compulsive, and I check each one of these blogs daily. 

Posts on these sites revolved around wedding fashion, decor, stationery, ettiquette, advice, etc.  They also feature contests from time to time.  The following is a list of what I have won so far: 

My Planner:  I won complete wedding planning services from start to finish.  My planner, Cynthia, is my life-line and has been absolutely amazing.  I count my lucky stars each day because she is a constant source of inspiration and exciting ideas.  She also runs a florist and has created a fantastic vision at an incredible price for the flowers and decor for our entire wedding day.  Check out her cute little blog on my blogroll.  Cynthia, if you are reading this, you are an ANGEL!!! 

$50:  Random drawing from a local wedding website, QCWeddings.  I posted about this previously.  Random.  Check them out, they are also on my blogroll. 

Clarisonic Face Cleaner Thingie:  I won this in a drawing from weddingbee.  I am not even sure what the whole name of the product is, but I call it my face cleaner.  Ha!  It’s fantastic, and at a retail value of $225, I would probably never have purchased it from myself, but I use it daily now, and it does the trick!  Thanks, Weddingbee, you are one of my Faves!  They are also on my blogroll. 

Okay, so these winnings thus far have gotten me hooked!  I’d say on average, each of my favorite blog sites has one or two contests or give aways each month.  So if you are a loyal reader and pay attention, you can enter to win awesome things simply by posting a comment.  I know there are contests out there that make you jump through hoops (Send in your nail clippings to a remote station in Alaska, then you will be cleared to submit your social security and life savings information for consideration, then we will tell you that you have not won this time, but try again!), but these blog contests are simple and fun to enter.  They are from honest blogs that have fun inspiring people. 

NEXT ON THE AGENDA:  I will not sell out.  Today while I was surfing my blogs, I happened upon a new blog that I had not read before that was featuring a contest that promoted your blog.  SWEET.  You had to post a comment, add them to your blog roll, feature a post about them, and then wait to hear whether or not you had one some of their stationery sets.  I started to go through this process, and then I thought about my sweet little blog.  This is MY blog.  I post things that I care about and that are authentic.  All the blogs on my blog roll are there because I read them.  DAILY.  BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD.  Not because they have coerced me into adding them to my blog roll with a lame contest for cookie-cutter stationery.  I am all for the mutual support that you see so frequently in the blogging world, but this one struck a chord with me that did not sit well. 

So I felt the need to write a post about not posting about this particular blog.  I wanted to let you all know (and to remind myself) that I am not a sell out and that on this blog you will find things that I truly love and that inspire me.  You will not find canned, forced product plugs that attempt to brainwash you into liking something.  That’s just not me.  And I know, that’s just not you either.  Love, Jen  HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND!

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Momma’s got a headache.


I’m  not very lucky very often.  It’s safe to say that I’m generally unlucky.  I’m the girl who steps in the gum (occupational teacher hazard).  I’m also the girl who has to throw away perfectly good pans because she leaves the plastic pancake flipper resting in the hot pan rather than on the responsible spoon holder while she steps into the next room to watch the cat bounce into the window while bird hunting, meanwhile back at the ranch…the pancake flipper has become a melted plastic pancake.  That last sentence was obscenely long-winded, excuse me. 

So when I received an email yesterday saying that I had won $50 from a drawing done by a local wedding website, I wahoo’ed!  My fiance said to me over the newspaper, “It’s a gimmick.  No one just gives out $50.”  Deflated, I went back to reread the email.  I actually didn’t even remember entering the contest (which is irrelevant because my memory is equivilant to that of the melted pancake flipper).  I replied to the email asking for more info about the $50, and the webmaster lady reminded me about the drawing (In a rather snooty email, I might add.  I’M SORRY I FORGOT YOUR CONTEST, OKAY?).  She gave me the address and told me I could pick up the cash between 2 and 6pm.  I promptly ha-ha’ed at my fiance and hopped into the shower. 

I was going out to meet friends for dinner and drinks, so I stopped at the address the webmaster lady gave me on my way there.  Apparently the webmasters of this local wedding website share their office with a computer store.  I walk in and explain that I’m there to pick up my $50 because I won the drawing, and the annoyed looking man said he had no idea what I was talking about.  What was this? I thought, Are they tricking people to come here and buy computers?  Shoulda known!  Finally another office lady came around and said “Yeah, so and so mentioned that someone would be coming along for money.”  Okay.  She gives me a $50 bill, I thank her, and walk out to my car.   I thought it was strange that no one even asked for identification or anything.  So if anyone else wants $50, go to 1047 State Street, Bettendorf, Iowa.  Ignore the rude man and ask for the lady who gives out cash. 

So did this responsible bride-to-be safely tuck away that $50 bill with her other $50 bills in her hope chest?  Heck no!  She spend it on a little food and a lot of vodka with her other wonderfully irresponsible friends.  $50 goes a long way during double bubble happy hour.  Today, momma’s got a headache.  I’m so lucky it hurts.

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