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Bridesmaid Boobie Bonanza…boo.

The other day, I was checking up on a great wedding blog, Wedding Cabaret, when I stumbled upon a wedding featured of a couple named Talia and Jon.  They are a gorgeous couple, and their wedding, I’m sure, was fabulous.  I’m not positive though because as the pictures ticked on by, I was more and more distracted by a certain something…two somethings to be specific.  Can you point them out?

Picture 1:  Beautiful bride and her lovely maids…

wedding cabaret cleavage 1

Picture 2:  Look how much fun that Bride is having.

wedding cabaret cleavage 2

Picture 3:  Shouldn’t someone tell the bride that her bridesmaid’s breasts are two guests that were not invited?

wedding cabaret cleavage 3

Picture 4:  Bride?  What bride?  I’m at a titty bar!

wedding cabaret cleavage 4

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the blonde bridesmaids…and her tits.  They are EVERYWHERE!  Did anyone stop to tell that girl that she needed to put her girls away so that the bride and groom’s thunder wasn’t stolen?  Seriously.


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One more time for the cheap seats in the back!



No, this is not me surrounded by my bridesmaids.  It’s the rocking 80’s hair band, Europe.  I am featuring them today because………..IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWWWWWWWN!!!!

Okay ladies and gents.  It’s go time.  If I have entertained you at all, then please do me a favor.  We are now in the FINAL ROUND for the Kathlin Argiro Bridesmaid contest.  If you would go to vote and pick my board (number three!), I would be eternally grateful.  So would my bridesmaids.  They are all rather lovely people and definitely deserve a free beautiful dress.  Please vote.  Every single vote counts.  Please…I’m groveling…it’s pathetic…make it stop by voting!  🙂  Thanks!

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