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One tradition that I would like to see come back in full force is the bridal tea.  I believe this event is pretty popular in other parts of the country, but I have to admit, that we Midwesterners don’t really see it happen very often.  

I’m bringing the tea party back…YEAH…

Them other brides don’t know how to act 

I think you’re hungry whats inside your bag?

So sit right down and I’ll get the grocery sack. 

Take em’ to the bridge…

 Okay, so I hope to not have plastic grocery sacks at my bridal tea, but how many tea-eque words can rhyme with “-ack”?  At my fantasy bridal tea, all my favorite ladies dress up in sundresses and big hats, and we take cute little sandwiches and bottles of wine into a secluded meadow for a picnic.

picnic_0001While I’m not sure whether or not I’d get my mom and future mother-in-law to sit on the ground, I might get them to come to an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party!  Oh yeah.  I went there…Check this inspiration board featured this week by Project Wedding:

project wedding alice and wonderland te

Oh, and of course there is always the option of taking our tea at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago where we could sit here:

ritz tea

And eat these:

picnic 3

But at about $30 a head plus tax and gratuity, I’m not sure this cha-cha bride can put on the Ritz, aka Neverland, for her girls.  I’ll have to think on this one.  



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