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Stunning Stationery

2Today, my dears, I am going to give you a little preview of what is going on with our wedding stationery.  As mentioned previously, I started planning our wedding like I would plan a new room in our house:  modern and simple.  And then, I got the romantic bug stuck in my ear, and I’ve never looked back since.  We all get now that we want lush garden romance.  Along with the decor and atmosphere, I want my wedding stationery to be the same. 

We have BIG plans for our where this is all going, and the plans are centered around the creative talents of one of my favorite Etsy vendors:  LindseyRyanDesigns, otherwise known as Lindsey Petlak.  Please visit her etsy store, and you will step in to a world of romantic vintage designs only seen come to life from a few rare gems in our world.  Lindsey is FANTASTIC!  She is based out of Chicago but will do orders for anyone.  She is creative, flexible, and so enthusiastic!  She has fantastic vision and enjoys a challenge.  She also created WeddingBee’s Miss Perfume’s invitation suite.

I made the transition in my stationery mindset from modern to vintage in a heartbeat when I put an alchemy bid out for invitations, to which Lindsey replied.  At that point I was hooked.  I started really thinking about what would be our wedding theme and direction.  Stationery can really set the tone as it is the first glimpse of your wedding that your guests will see as they open the invitation.  Your invitation can tell your guests many things about your wedding including the formality and style. 

I started combing the web for vintage artwork and prints and started finding myself collecting images of vintage maps.  Eventually, we decided that our entire invitation will be one map with the invitation information built into the map such as you would find in a map key.  The maps will be printed on 9×14″ paper and folded accordion style.  There are many elements that I would like to see present in our wedding invitation…


I love the water marks in the map above.  The Mississippi River runs through our community, so water is something that will be incorporated into our map. 


I love how all the fonts in the picture above are different on each line and that there is a mix of bold and delicate.


I also love how vintage maps have random illustrations thrown in.  We will use illustrations like these to mark important locations on our map. 


This is how our map will look like when it is unfolded.  This map above is a little more simple in font and design than what we are going for, but the general lay out is nice.


I love the border on this picture.  So detailed and elegant.  The pieces of information in our invite will have these sorts of borders.


I also like the growing trend that I see in bringing back silhouettes into wedding stationery.  Our silhouettes will be our icon and will appear in our invitations, table numbers, programs, and what not.

So far in the process, Lindsey and I have been trading clip art and ideas back and forth.  Now she is ready for me to give her all the invite information so that she can create a draft of the invitation for us to see.  I’ll keep you posted!

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