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Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel and Spa!

I have been gone from the blogging world for about 2 weeks now as life has been super hectic!

Here’s what’s gone down since my last post:

My parents, A, and I were going to be flying down to Orlando over the 4th of July weekend to spend time with my brother and sister in law at DisneyWorld for a few days followed by a couple of days at their home in Georgia.  We were supposed to be leaving on Friday from the Moline International Airport which is about a five minute drive from our house.  My father received a phone call on his lunch break on Thursday from AirTran informing him that the leg of the flight from Moline to our connection in Atlanta had been cancelled and that they were rerouting us through Bloomington, Illinois which is about a two hour drive south from where we live.  The flight was leaving at 5:30ish am, so we had to drive down Thursday night and stay in a hotel so that we could get up early and get over to the Bloomington airport.

Pause in the story…I must give you some background information at this point so that you can truely appreciate this story.  My father is…particular about customer service.  If something goes wrong in a business transaction, he fully expects to be compensated for it.  Because of this we have gotten a large amount of our bills paid for in full.  This includes items like dinners at a restaurant, eyeglasses, driveways…I’m not kidding.

So when my father called me to let us know about the change in our itinerary, the first thing I asked him was if he had gotten free tickets out of this.  His reply, “Of course we did.”  So we received 4 round trip airfare vouchers from AirTran that need to be booked by July of next year which made my heart do a little jump and a skip because now A and I have airfare paid for for our honeymoon.   Score!

So then we went on our merry little way to Orlando where the Magical Express delivered us to the Disney World resort area and to our hotel, the Grand Floridian.  From the moment we stepped off of the Magical Express, we were treated like honored guests at this absolutely beautiful hotel.  The service was impecable!  Here are some pictures of the hotel grounds for you to puruse…

A view of the main building.

Dad's Florida Pictures 517

A few of the many different types of watercraft that you may take out for a spin.

Dad's Florida Pictures 531

There are so many beautiful spots to sit and have a drink in this hotel.  This was one of our favorites.

Dad's Florida Pictures 728

This is my brother enjoying some delicious pancakes on the patio by the marina.

Dad's Florida Pictures 540

There are plenty of places to relax on the beach.

beach 2

Or you can take a dip in one of the two fantastic pools at the hotel.

Dad's Florida Pictures 637

Here’s the chapel in which many weddings take place each year.

Dad's Florida Pictures 759

You can’t pass up breakfast with Alice.

Dad's Florida Pictures 725

At Disney World, even the garbage cans are pretty.

Dad's Florida Pictures 741

There are many outbuildings that surround the main building at the Grand Floridian.  We stayed in room 7101 of the Conch Key.  We loved our room!  The patio that is on the right side of this picture is actually the one right outside our room.  Beautiful view of the marina!

Dad's Florida Pictures 734

Our room had two queen beds.  It was very spacious and luxurious.

Dad's Florida Pictures 703

We had a lovely flat screen tv and a sofa that could pull out into another bed if needed.

Dad's Florida Pictures 705

The bathroom had double sinks and a soaking tub with beautiful products to use.

Dad's Florida Pictures 706

I just love this wallpaper!

Dad's Florida Pictures 634

And at night time, Maria, our housekeeper would turn down our beds and leave us chocolates on the pillows.  By the way, each pillow has a different firmness so that you could sleep comfortably…

Dad's Florida Pictures 699

To get to the parks you could take a lovely boat right that picked you up right at the Grand Floridian and delivered you right to the opening gates of the Magic Kingdom.

Dad's Florida Pictures 656

Or you could hop on the Monorail which stops at a station right inside the main building of the Grand Floridian.

Dad's Florida Pictures 652

We only stayed Friday night and Saturday night, and that was not nearly enough time to even scratch the surface of the activities offered at DisneyWorld.  At the hotel there is a complete spa and the boats that we did not get a chance to try.  There are four golf courses, Epcot park, the Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, in addition to the countless parades, shows, and restaurants to see.  Because of this, A has suggested that we think about traveling back here for our honeymoon!  I’m so excited!

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New experiences…

Yesterday was the day of new things.  For those of you in a hurry, I’ll sum it up quickly:

1) Permanent hair removal

2) Became a model.

3) Got naked with a stranger.

For those of you who are going to stick around and read a little more, I’ll go into more detail…

Item one:  Permanent Hair Loss.  It’s embarassing to admit, but now that it’s over with, I feel much more secure.  Ever since I had started the birth control pill in college, I had an increasing amount of random hairs along my jaw line.  At first it was two…so I plucked them whenver they came up.  Then it was 1o, 100, and so on.  Plucking became part of my daily routine.  In fact, I often had “official pluck sessions” twice daily and always kept a pair of tweezers with me at all times.  Reflecting now, I also was hesitant to ever let anyone touch me under my chin…even my fiance.  It just got to be something I was used to.

A friend of mine recently started doing some lazer hair removal treatments with which she is very happy.  I considered it, but I just couldn’t justify the $700 it would take to do my chin when we are saving for our wedding.

Then I went in for a hair cut and eyebrow wax session a week ago, and the owner told me that I should consider electrolysis for permanent hair removal since I came in so frequently for waxing.  I went home and did my research.  Officially, the FDA will not bestow the title of “permanent hair loss” to lazer treatments or to electrolysis, but both have had fairly marketable success rates.  I went with electrolysis because my salon only charges $12 for 15 minutes of electrolysis which was more than enough time for my chin to be zapped.

The actual procedure was not too painful…think a little more intense than plucking…and at the end of 15 minutes, Kim had zapped 83 hairs from my chin.  She can see more that are under the skin surface, and when they surface, I can make another appointment with her.  I am reallllllly happy with the results.  I even let A touch me under my chin for the first time ever without being self-concious.  So awesome!

Because I had a new chin to show off, I went and got my picture taken with our photographer.  No really, I had to get some headshots to put on my profile at  I had a lot of fun with Stephen and Elaine from Giraffe Photography, and in the end, I had a ton of great pictures.  Here are some of my favorites:





The last one might be my favorite.  It says, “I am busy and important!  Go get me a un cafe!”

Thirdly, getting naked with a stranger.  I went for my very first spray tanning appointment.  Erin K. Seddon is so nice and made me feel so comfortable that I was nearly buck naked after meeting her for 10 minutes.  Along with spray tanning, she also is a make up artist who specializes in airbrush make up.  My tan turned out great, and I am for sure going to book her services for our wedding!

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