You could have recess all day everyday…

A and I have started to talk real-estate.  We know we love our little house.  This house was a POS, and A snatched it up and really flipped it hard to make it not only habitable but beautiful as well.  It was so bad that when he took me here on our 3rd date to show me the house he had bought, I had serious worries about his mental health.  The house had been neglected and run down for years, and he bought it as is.  When something is marketed as “as is” a little red flag should go up in most people’s minds.  In A’s mind, “as is” means “yay! projects!”, and that’s exactly what this house became: the land of projects.

Everything, and I mean everything, in our house was replaced, redone, or repaired.  Here’s a running list of things that we did in two years:  new water heater, new furnace, new duct work, new electrical, new plumbing, all new kitchen, new porch addition, new deck, all new windows and doors, all new lighting, new doorbell, new thermostat and smoke detector, new bathroom, repaired a/c unit, restored wood floors, painted everything, water-proofed the basement, and did landscaping.  And throughout all of these projects, we’ve filled numerous rented dumpsters.  In addition to all of this, our future plans include a new roof, and a basement bathroom.  We aren’t really sure though if we should sink anymore money into what we lovingly call “the money pit”.

We have started to realize that we will have to sell and move away from our little love nest once our little family expands hopefully in two or three years.  We have spoken on sereral occasions that our next house will not be a “project house” since our project du jour will most likely be raising a child.  In a moment of preempted excitement, I did a search for homes for sale in our area.  Amongst all the usual rabbel, I found the mother of all projects.  It’s an old school house that has been rezoned into residential property.  It has 6700 square feet which is about seven times the amount of space we have right now.  Take a peek…

house 1

house 2

house 3

house 7

And guess what…it’s being sold “as is”.  I think it’s a sign.

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