Moving on up. New gig!

I mentioned previously that I was interested in doing this blog thang fo’ real!  I love writing, I love researching, and I love interacting with you all that come visit and stay awhile.  I guess this would be an occupational hazard of a talkative librarian who is getting hitched.

If you remember, I had contacted a local wedding website because I had noticed that they had started a blog to accompany their home website.  I shot them an email stating that I was interested in posting on the blog and that I had a ton of ideas.  Over several emails back and forth and a meeting at their headquarters, I have stumbled upon a lovely little side job.  I will be writing a few posts each week for that feature wedding related info that local brides can use.

I am so thrilled to have this opportunity!  I really feel like the stars aligned with this one.  I’ll be writing on a wedding blog (which I love) while working around my own schedule (which I need) and trying to make this eventually a full time gig (which I hope).  For now, it’s about ten hours per week of work which equates to a couple of posts each week, but I really do believe that there is a need for this blog and that it can go very far.  At this point, this is by no means a living for which I could quit my other job, but who knows?  It has potential.  BIG potential.

I will still be keeping this blog going along at full steam.  I see this blog as my baby.  I can do whatever I want on this blog.  In fact, right now, I’m typing this post in the nude…just because I can.  When I write for QCW, I will probably put some clothes on.  I will also probably have to watch my mouth.  Fuck.

But seriously, this blog is just in it’s baby stages, and there is some tweaking and reorganizing that needs to happen, but it is going to be FANTASTIC!  Whenever you’ve got a spare moment, you can visit me over there!


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