So sorry that I have been missing in action this last week!  As mentioned in the previous post, we ended up going on a weekend trip to visit family in Minneapolis.  On Monday, my summer classes started, and I’ve been burried ever since.

I did have a pretty exciting wedding-related day on Wednesday.  I’ve talked about before how I am having my wedding dress made to resemble the Lucinda dress from jcrew.  Lucinda, I love you, but you are priiiiiiiiii-cey!  Way outside of my budget.  Just to recap, I had decided to put an etsy alchemy request out, and etsy user, BeyondTheReflection, aka Brandie Thomas,  accepted my proposal at an amazing price!  We worked out a contract with all the dress details, and I sent away my deposit and my measurements.

Until Wednesday, I really had some trepidations about what I had gotten myself in to.  She could have been a con artist.  She could have been unskilled.  I had no idea.  I figured that the worst case scenario would be that I’d lost my deposit and learn a lesson.

On Wednesday, my mom and I had a 1pm meeting with Brandie who lives in Chicago.  As non-Chicago land people, we knew that there were good parts of Chicago and baaaaaaaaaaaad parts of Chicago.  As we entered the city, we talked about escape plans should Brandie’s place be in a questionable area.  As we turned we’d breathe in a sigh of releaf if the street looked nice and sucked in a breath if it looked…rusty.  Turn, turn, turn.  Nice, rusty, nice, rusty.  Ever heard of Cisero?  As in the street mentioned in the Chicago musical?  Yeah we turned on and of Cisero a couple of times.

After about 10,035 turns, we entered a lovely little burrow called Rogers Park nestled against beautiful little Loyola Park which was next to Lake Michigan.  Quaint shops and delicatessens were on every corner, and my mother and I breathed a sigh of releaf.  We were even able to park for free in front of Brandie’s building.

Next I met Brandie in person for the first time.  She is awesome!  Funny and quirky, and the girl knows her shit about sewing.  Her apartment was a virtual who’s who of sewing machines and materials.  As we entered her apartment, she was finishing the last stitches on my muslin mock up, and soon I had tried on the dress for my first fitting.

Here is a picture of Brandie doing some alterations to the muslin mock up.  Why am I holding my arms like that?  Note to self:  work on posture before the wedding.

dress 4

Here’s me holding the dress up while Brandie fixes a panel in the back.  Can you see the inverted box pleats?  They are just like the jcrew dress.  Brandie is an artist!

dress 2

I am really happy here.  I think this was the moment that I realized that Brandie is not a fraud and that I am going to get the dress of my dreams.

dress 5

Things to keep in mind:

1)  This is the muslin mock up.  We still have one more alterations meeting with the muslin mock up before Brandie starts to cut the silk dupioni for the actual dress.  We forgot to get a head to toe shot while we were here this time, so next time I will get some of those.

2)  The skirt is going to have more volume after an extra panel and the crinoline layer are added.

3)  My roots are really, really, really bad.  I have made an appointment with my hair lady for next week.  I also have really bad Iwaslazyandhadtobeinacarforhours-do on this day.  It looks like I rolled right out of bed in Brandie’s apartment.

4)  If you are in love with a dress but cannot afford it, contact Brandie.  She’s absolutely fantastically talanted!


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