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Trend Watch: Parasols

After several hours of rearranging my blogroll yesterday, I finally found an organization that wasn’t too complicated.  I was trying to keep the list of blogs in each category fairly short.  If I had a category that seemed a little overwhelming in size, I found sub-categories to divide and conquer.

I ended up with the following categories:  brides who blog, general design afficianatos, do-it-yourselfers, flowers, foodies, health, inspiration, paper, photographers, planners, Quad City area sites, shops, and trends.  Whew.  I think the new organization helps my blog roll to be more of a resource rather than just a list that’s there.  I really do try to keep the best of the best on my blog roll, so if you’ve got a fantastic wedding or design related site that is not featured, please drop me a little note because I adore finding new blogs!

The most difficult distinction in my blogroll was between “inspiration” blogs and “trend” blogs.  I finally defined them as the following:

Inspiration – These are the websites, in my opinion, that are the source for wedding inspiration.  They often feature original ideas, inspiration boards, and seem to be on the up and up on the latest breaking wedding events.

Trends – These blogs are run by fantastic researchers who are totally in tune to who is doing what, and the resources that they cite are invaluable for other lovers of wedding research (such as myself).

Okay, enough blog mumbo jumbo… Here are some pretty things to look at for today:  Parasols!  They are so delicious!  The ones featured here today are from Raindrops and Bella Umbrella.  How much fun would it be to have these on hand in case of rain, or even to keep the sun out of your guests’ eyes.  These could be fantastic props for a bridal shoot as well!  Enjoy!

parasol 2parasol 11 bella

parasol rain drops toparasol 10 bella

parasol 4parasol 8 bella

parasol 5

parasol 9 bella

parasol 3



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