All good things come to me in the shower…

Morning, pigeons!  I feel bouncy this morning.  Why?  Well…I think that I’ve found my voice.  If any of you have been following along this week, you know that you had a homework assignment to figure out what is going well with your blog (if you have one) and what could be improved based off of Kim Bee’s becoming a better blogger list.  I knew that a weak point for my blog was that as I had just started, I wasn’t really sure if I had any cohesiveness.  My posts are really random and cover lots of different topics.  What was my voice going to be as this blog continues?

Oh, I don’t suppose that I haaaaaaaave to have a point, but the blogs that I admire most have a point.  They are focused and stylized and successful.  I’d like to have those attributes associated with this blog as well.  But how…

I was standing in the shower yesterday when I had a breakthrough.  This often happens in the shower.  Why?  I don’t get it.  If you have a wonderful idea, you always want to share it, right?  Well who am I going to talk to in the shower, I ask?  You see the dilemma.  So then, the excitement grows as I try to hurry through all the showerly duties so that I can get out and talk to someone.  By the time I actually run into someone, it’s often the guy holding the stop sign by the construction site on my way to work.  Something tells me that he doesn’t care about my blog.  So I continue on…

So here is my breakthrough:  I’d like this blog to be a resource for people.  Wow.  That’s vague.  Let me be more specific.

By resource I mean a beautifully designed website/blog with optimisim and integrety where people can browse for accurate and current wedding related inspiration, projects, and opportunites.

By people, I mean local brides, grooms, family, friends, guests, businesses, artists, etc.

I really feel like the “people” was my major breakthrough in the shower.  By “local” I mean to the Quad Cities which is an community that spans the Iowa/Illinois border.  We have a few web directories of local vendors, but there is no interaction.  There needs to be a network built between all of these people that is reliable and profitable for all who use it.  For those of you who are not “local” to me, no worries!  I am keeping my personal blog seperate from this other project…

I have a million ideas for this project, and yesterday, I contacted Donna, the head honcho at QC Weddings Online, a local wedding website, to let her know about my interest in developing this project.  She is going to be checking out this lil’ blog sometime this week and getting back to me…I will keep you all posted on the developments!


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  1. brittany

    exciting! i can’t wait to see the development 🙂 I’m from San Diego, no where near the Quad Cities but i certainly will use your blog as a resource for amazing and entertaining ideas (as well as a pick-me-up giggle each day reading your posts!). thank you and keep it comin’!

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