Doe, A Deer…What is my voice??

Okay, I’ve read the article posted yesterday a few times.  Out of all the wonderful tips that Kim Bee gives us, I think one of the most important is her advice on honing in on a tone for your blog.  When I first started out, wedding blogs were wedding blogs, and there weren’t any kind of differentiation.  As you can see by my blog roll, I have no organization system at this point.  Maybe that’s because I have not pin pointed my own voice in my blog.

Am I an advice blog?  Not really because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Am I a style blog?  Well, I don’t really have many original ideas.  I mostly see things that I like and say, “Hey, I like that.”  Is that style?  Maybe that’s what I am.

Am I a reflection blog?  Definitely.  I mean…I try to post truthfully about my blunders and successes.  I think my aim is to organize my muddled thoughts, and if I also entertain a few folks along the way, well bonus!

So I am still working on trying to figure out exactly what I am doing here.  When I figure it out, you all will know ’cause I’ll be shouting from the rooftops, “I’M A _______ BLOG!!!!”  You’ll hear me.

In the interim while I am trying to figure out my voice, I have something to share with you that is completely non-wedding related, but it tickles me pink.  I hope it will give you a cheerful start to your Monday morning…


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