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Boning up on Blogging…New Links

As this little blog has plugged along, I’ve realized how much I enjoy the writing and the research.  I think it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

Have I told you all that I am in school right now?  I’m getting my masters in Library and Information Science.  Specifically, I won a grant to pay for my schooling so that myself and 39 other recruits could fill the shortage of school librarians in Iowa.  This degree will equip me to follow many paths:  I could be a school librarian, collegiate librarian, private collections librarian, public librarian, or, my favorite, the coorporate librarian, aka a spy for a company that can afford to pay for it.

Anyhoo, as my classes have ticked on by, I have picked up many valuable tools that would be handy in researching anything.  Specifically, I enjoy researching weddings and entertaining (duh), cooking, literature, and anything else that strikes my fancy as beautiful or interesting.

I admire the people who run blogs that have evolved into their (more than) full time blog, and in my wildest dreams, I aspire to be one of them.  I realize that the competition for top slots in this field are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t try.  I love this role that I’ve been playing since I started my blog: researcher, coveter, and commenter.  It’s fabulous, and it makes me happy.  What more is there, right?

Recently Mrs. Bee at WeddingBeePro posted an article entitled, “Become a Better Business Blogger“.  I am assigning myself (and any other asipring bloggers out there) to read this today.  Leave a comment below on something that you’re already doing to contribute to your blog and something that you’d like to add/change/delete for the health of your blog.


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