Bridesmaid Boobie Bonanza…boo.

The other day, I was checking up on a great wedding blog, Wedding Cabaret, when I stumbled upon a wedding featured of a couple named Talia and Jon.  They are a gorgeous couple, and their wedding, I’m sure, was fabulous.  I’m not positive though because as the pictures ticked on by, I was more and more distracted by a certain something…two somethings to be specific.  Can you point them out?

Picture 1:  Beautiful bride and her lovely maids…

wedding cabaret cleavage 1

Picture 2:  Look how much fun that Bride is having.

wedding cabaret cleavage 2

Picture 3:  Shouldn’t someone tell the bride that her bridesmaid’s breasts are two guests that were not invited?

wedding cabaret cleavage 3

Picture 4:  Bride?  What bride?  I’m at a titty bar!

wedding cabaret cleavage 4

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the blonde bridesmaids…and her tits.  They are EVERYWHERE!  Did anyone stop to tell that girl that she needed to put her girls away so that the bride and groom’s thunder wasn’t stolen?  Seriously.



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2 responses to “Bridesmaid Boobie Bonanza…boo.

  1. C. Marie

    In this girl’s defense, some bodies don’t work in all dresses. A bride needs to be carefull what dress she picks so that bridesmaids can fit in the dresses. Many dresses do not give a lot of room for breasts, so those with big ones are really out of luck when they’re forced into a particular style.

    I was in a wedding where we even got to pick our own dress from one designers line. I had to order 3 sizes too big (in the MOST modest style available), just to get enough material so I could have a tailor work with the top of the dress. I STILL ended up hanging out in the front of a very formal church wedding. It was terrible, but I love my bff, and she was worth enduring that embarrassment.

    It didn’t seem like it would have been too much of an issue for this bride who picked her own dress out and was hanging out of it JUST as much as this other girl. Give her a break.

  2. THIS is exactly why my bridesmaid dresses are NOT strapless. lol

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