Give it a try…DIY envelopes and labels.

There are three key ingredients that I believe should be in a DIY project:  adorable, affordable, doable.  If one of those elements are missing, I usually won’t touch the project.  Why?

If it’s not adorable then I won’t do it because I don’t want a lot of crap messing up my feng shui.

If it’s not affordable then I look for an alternative product because baby girl is on a buuuuuh-get!

And if it’s not doable then I find someone who has more talent than moi to take care of the whole she-bang.

This DIY is all three: totally adorable, completely affordable, and absolutely doable.  We are going to make envelopes from vintage book paper and use free label print offs from the internet.  


Intimate Weddings blog featured this step by step how-to article  on transforming pages from a vintage children’s book into envelopes measuring 4″x5.5″ which is somewhere between standard 4-bar and A2 envelopes.  This template could easily be adapted to fit other sizes of envelopes.  

Theeeeeeeeeeeeen once you’ve got your cute lil’ envelopes, you could print of some cute mailing lables.  Here are a few examples that are free for the parusing or the printing.  The pictures are linked to the sources.



free-labels_creature-comforts (1)free-labels_wedding-style-guide

So cute.  So cute.  I’m sensing some correspondance in my future.  I think snail mail is coming back in a big way!

And thanks to iDIY for links to more great free downloads!  I saw your post on the downloads this evening and thought…hmmm…I should add that to my post since I was thinking about the exact same thing this morning!

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