So good I threw up…

One of my favorite activities lately has been taking a really close look at blogs that I read and checking out what other blogs are on their blogrolls that I haven’t stumbled upon yet.  I have my favorite blogs that I respect most in design and style, so usually, their blogrolls reflect their taste.  

Well, folks, last night, I hit the jack pot…a blog so good that, honest to God, my stomach felt like it had just gotten off the best roller coaster ever and needed funnel cake to calm it down.  So good. 

It is a little blog called Flights of Fancy which is sponsored by Betty White Stationery.  It is simply fantastic.  For all brides.  For all grooms.  For anyone who has ever heard of a wedding.  

There are several different links on the main page of the blog that will lead you into focused “mini blogs” that cover topics such as real weddings, tips, color palettes, and my favorite, inspiration boards.  Here is a teaser of what you will find on this blog:

A color palette…

flights of fancy color 1

A post on safari honeymoons…

flights of fancy honeymooning_safari

And an ever so sweet librarian wedding inspiration board…

flights of fancy board24_sweetlibrarylove

Seriously, truely, madly, deeply…you MUST check this blog out right now.  I mean it.  Close all other windows, lock your doors, turn off your phones, and sit down with your Snuggly and your Clapper and your Shamwow and enjoy this blog.


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