Invitation eye-candy…aka…I’ve got an OCD problem.

When I started planning for our wedding, stationery was the least important on my list of wedding to-dos.  One of the local tuxedo shops will give you free invitations if you order 5 or more rented tuxedos with them.  I figured no big deal…we’ll get those. 

Several things happened between then and now, however…

First, we decided that suits would be the look, not tuxedos, and the suit choices were…limited.  We are still looking to rent, but some of our wedding party and parents have already bought their navy suits in lieu of renting them.

Second, the selection of free invitations at the tuxedo rental place were beautiful.  Beautiful if you want like daisies or Cinderella’s carriage or a cartoon on the front of your wedding invite.  Let’s be honest folks, they are free for a reason.  They suck ass. 

Third, the more debth and breadth I got into reading wedding blogs, I saw countless inspiration photos and discussion posts on stationery. 

I couldn’t help myself.  I started looking around and found the lovely and talented LindseyRyanDesigns to make our invitation suite.  I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve blogged about what we want our invites to become, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting and admiring more stationery inspriation photos.  Today, I’m going to share a couple that have really tickled my fancy recently.

First up today is an adorable idea for an invitation, save-the-date, or whatever stationery from the iDIY blog:

cute 2 idiy website ideaJust THINK of the possibilities for the spokes on this circle.  This particular stationery sample was letter pressed and obviously custom (and obviously higher up on the spending scale), but I am POSITIVE that this could be easily replicated by anyone in any color scheme for any occasion.  

Next up are a couple of invitation suites by LuckyLuxe.  Adorable!  Vintage!  Flourishes!  Silhouettes!  Yum!

cute 1 lucky luxecute 2 lucky luxeNow these silhouettes happen to be of a couple who loves to ski, but this layout is adorable and could be adapted for any couple!  

And last for today are some custom program fans from Custom-Programs dot com (Creative name, guys.).  I think these are cute and functional for when you have an outdoor wedding.  In fact, the picture of the women shading the sun from their eyes with the program makes me laugh.  It would also make for a cute photo op if everyone was waving these around as the couple is exiting the aisle.

www.custom-programs.comAlso, the Southern Weddings Magazine blog is currently hosting a contest for a reader to win 100 of these programs.  All you have to do is leave a comment on the post by midnight on June 2nd, 2009.


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