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pioneer woman strawberry shortcake cakeI am going to make this.  Tonight.  Are you jelly?  Jammed?  Well, you can make this too my friends. 

I have had a relationship blooming over the last year or so, and it’s with a woman that I’ve never met.  She doesn’t know me from Eve, but I’d lick her bowls in a heartbeat.  Take that as you will, pervy-pervs!

Her name is Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman.  She’s a fantastic cook who generously shares her recipes amongst other things on her blog.  She is my savior for oh so many reasons.  When I first met A, I could not cook to save my life.  I’m a smart girl.  I can usually figure things out, but cooking was beyond me.  And then I stumbled upon Ree’s blog where she not only gives clever advice about how to make her sinfully delicious recipes, she also provides step by step pictures for those who don’t know how to do things like chop an onion or use a double boiler.  

Anyhoo, since A and I have moved in together, my cooking repertoire has vastly improved.  He no longer dreads dinner, and while I may have an occasional relapse into boring or burnt, my dinners are usually beautiful.  

I have found that I’ve especially excelled at baking lately.  Here are some recipes from Ree’s website that I’ve made recently that have made people propose to me in the streets.  Click on the pictures to be whisked away to her recipes on her website.  

First up:  carrot cake…This little devil of a recipe was soley responsible for a pay increase at work…that and my eyelashes.  Kidding.  On both counts.  I think. 

carrot cake pw

Next up:  apple pie.  The diabetic woman at work took an extra shot of insulen the day that I brought this for a teacher pot-luck.  I’m not joking.  She had 3 pieces.  And I was worried that my baking adventures had inadvertently caused the average glycemic index of the community to rise substantially…

apple pie

Next:  blueberry muffins…I made these for a select group of teachers at my school because the recipe only yielded 6 muffins.  I had to beat people away.  I wanted to beat a student who asked me over a dozen times why he couldn’t have the last muffin…after he had lunch…and had annoyed me for 20 minutes.  I wanted to eat it in front of him, but I saved it for a teacher friend who thanked me kindly through a stuffed blueberry mouth.  

blueberry muffins

Next:  cinnamon rolls…These little bastards made the biggest mess that has ever been in my tiny little kitchen.  It also was the most time intensive and took up the most storage as this recipe yielded 8 PANS OF CINNAMON ROLLS.  I took a pan to just about every group that I visit within the week.  I even took some to my classmates in my evening grad class who were confused at first but then settled into a sleepy complacency when they had stuffed themselves silly.  

cinnamon rolls

Next:  peach crisp…Fresh peaches, lots of sugar, warmth, and butter.  What more do you want?  This recipe is super easy and incredibly delicious.  It’s so rich that one pan will last you quite a while unless you have no self-control in which case you can come to my support group.  

peach crism

So tonight I will be making the Strawberry Shortcake Cake.  That’s what she calls it!  Stop snickering, you bastards!  You won’t be laughing when I keep the whole cake for myself.  

Anyhoo, this post has nothing to do with wedding planning, other than it’s easy to find multiple reasons why I avoid eating healthy.  Check out P-dubs website today!


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