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New resolutions so that I don’t get sued when I’m famous.



So this is something that kind of snuck up on me by accident.  When I first got engaged, I started looking around the internet for inspiration.  As I found pictures that I enjoyed, I saved them in my wedding file folder on my computer.  Now that we are 9 months into the engagement, I have hundreds of images that I have tucked away.  Their file names are things that make sense to me like “rsvp 3 i love love love this”.  That title lets me know that the file is inspiration for an rsvp card….it’s the 3rd one that i found…and I love love love it.  Makes sense, right? 

Then this little blog came along.  I’ve come to realize that now it’s not just me looking around and that the images that I covet actually BELONG to someone.  They were created and edited and published by someone.  And I have no clue who.  I need to start giving credit to sources.  For one, it’s the nice thing to do.  If someone found something on this blog, I’d hope that they would give me credit.   For two, (and I realize that I’m in la la land with this one) if this blog ever went somewhere (ran away to NYC to start modeling?) I could get into tricky situations have I not given credit to sources.  

SO from this point on, any image that I put on here will have a link that goes back to its original location.  That’s my resolution today.  I realize that I’m several months late for New Years Resolutions, but it’s never to late, right?  Check out my picture today.  It’s the movie poster of my favorite, Marie Antoinette, aaaaaaaand there’s a source link right below it!  I’m so effing good.


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