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I’m alive!

airbrush-3Hi, folks!  I’m back! 

If you’ve followed my tweets this week, then you’ve noticed a pattern of swine flu jokes and bitter remarks about a never ending headache.  I have been held prisoner by my sinuses this week.  😦  Have you ever had a headache that has gone on for a full week?  I had not had that bastardly experience until this week.  I eventually went to the doc on Wednesday, and she said that my sinuses were bruised.  How does one do that exactly?  I had never heard of that before.  Anyhoo, she had me go fill a couple of Rx’s and get some over the counter cold stuff.  I’ve been on my drug cocktail now for a couple of days, and today, Friday, I’ll be going back to work.  Wahoo! 

What does that torture device at the top have to do with my health?  Nada!  It’s an airbrush gun!  Since I have looked like death all week, I have a hunger for make up and beauty products.  So let’s talk make up. 

My regular make up regimine works fairly well for me.  I wear an under and over eye concealer (I’m normally a racoon), powder blush, powder bronzer, cream eye-shadow, pencil eye liner, and mascara.  All my make up is drug-store brand, and I receive compliments pretty regularly about my make up which is nice.

For our wedding day though, I’m going to want something that is picture ready and flawless and lasting.  I have heard over and over again that the Bare Escentuals (sp) are the way to go, but last year I had a professional apply this brand on me, and I thought it aged me.  I felt like it was heavy and messy and settled into wrinkles that I didn’t even know I had.  So I will NOT be going that route. 

I am pretty positive that I want to invest the money into hiring an airbrush make up artist.  I’ve seen amazing pictures of brides’ before and after pictures with airbrushing, and it’s amazing!  My friend, Emily, who got married a couple of years ago also had it, and she never looked better.  It was just this natural glowing flawless face. 

Look at this before and after.  (It’s actually out of order.  It shows her after then her before.)  This girl is a natural beauty, but look what the airbrushing does!  It’s as if she became this ethereal angel!


Amazing, right?  And here’s another.  Bellicimo!  These pictures are obviously from the same make up artist…hmm…I should find them…and stalk them…and kidnap them…and strap them to a chair with only their airbrushing hand free to move so they can do my make up each morning. 


So this is the way to go for me.  I also hear wonderful things like that the make up lasts way longer without needing touch ups than other make up applications.  That’s great! 

So where to start?  A simple Google search of spas that offer airbrush make-up returns nada so far.  My next move is to call the local beauty schools or search for Chicago make-up artists that travel.  *sigh* Cha-ching.  Cha-ching.  Oh man.  I’ll keep you posted for this. 

PS  My strategy on the “trial” make up session.  I will schedule my boudoire shoot for the same day as my trial so that I can put that make up to good use!  🙂


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