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One tradition that I would like to see come back in full force is the bridal tea.  I believe this event is pretty popular in other parts of the country, but I have to admit, that we Midwesterners don’t really see it happen very often.  

I’m bringing the tea party back…YEAH…

Them other brides don’t know how to act 

I think you’re hungry whats inside your bag?

So sit right down and I’ll get the grocery sack. 

Take em’ to the bridge…

 Okay, so I hope to not have plastic grocery sacks at my bridal tea, but how many tea-eque words can rhyme with “-ack”?  At my fantasy bridal tea, all my favorite ladies dress up in sundresses and big hats, and we take cute little sandwiches and bottles of wine into a secluded meadow for a picnic.

picnic_0001While I’m not sure whether or not I’d get my mom and future mother-in-law to sit on the ground, I might get them to come to an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party!  Oh yeah.  I went there…Check this inspiration board featured this week by Project Wedding:

project wedding alice and wonderland te

Oh, and of course there is always the option of taking our tea at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago where we could sit here:

ritz tea

And eat these:

picnic 3

But at about $30 a head plus tax and gratuity, I’m not sure this cha-cha bride can put on the Ritz, aka Neverland, for her girls.  I’ll have to think on this one.  




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So good I threw up…

One of my favorite activities lately has been taking a really close look at blogs that I read and checking out what other blogs are on their blogrolls that I haven’t stumbled upon yet.  I have my favorite blogs that I respect most in design and style, so usually, their blogrolls reflect their taste.  

Well, folks, last night, I hit the jack pot…a blog so good that, honest to God, my stomach felt like it had just gotten off the best roller coaster ever and needed funnel cake to calm it down.  So good. 

It is a little blog called Flights of Fancy which is sponsored by Betty White Stationery.  It is simply fantastic.  For all brides.  For all grooms.  For anyone who has ever heard of a wedding.  

There are several different links on the main page of the blog that will lead you into focused “mini blogs” that cover topics such as real weddings, tips, color palettes, and my favorite, inspiration boards.  Here is a teaser of what you will find on this blog:

A color palette…

flights of fancy color 1

A post on safari honeymoons…

flights of fancy honeymooning_safari

And an ever so sweet librarian wedding inspiration board…

flights of fancy board24_sweetlibrarylove

Seriously, truely, madly, deeply…you MUST check this blog out right now.  I mean it.  Close all other windows, lock your doors, turn off your phones, and sit down with your Snuggly and your Clapper and your Shamwow and enjoy this blog.

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Invitation eye-candy…aka…I’ve got an OCD problem.

When I started planning for our wedding, stationery was the least important on my list of wedding to-dos.  One of the local tuxedo shops will give you free invitations if you order 5 or more rented tuxedos with them.  I figured no big deal…we’ll get those. 

Several things happened between then and now, however…

First, we decided that suits would be the look, not tuxedos, and the suit choices were…limited.  We are still looking to rent, but some of our wedding party and parents have already bought their navy suits in lieu of renting them.

Second, the selection of free invitations at the tuxedo rental place were beautiful.  Beautiful if you want like daisies or Cinderella’s carriage or a cartoon on the front of your wedding invite.  Let’s be honest folks, they are free for a reason.  They suck ass. 

Third, the more debth and breadth I got into reading wedding blogs, I saw countless inspiration photos and discussion posts on stationery. 

I couldn’t help myself.  I started looking around and found the lovely and talented LindseyRyanDesigns to make our invitation suite.  I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve blogged about what we want our invites to become, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting and admiring more stationery inspriation photos.  Today, I’m going to share a couple that have really tickled my fancy recently.

First up today is an adorable idea for an invitation, save-the-date, or whatever stationery from the iDIY blog:

cute 2 idiy website ideaJust THINK of the possibilities for the spokes on this circle.  This particular stationery sample was letter pressed and obviously custom (and obviously higher up on the spending scale), but I am POSITIVE that this could be easily replicated by anyone in any color scheme for any occasion.  

Next up are a couple of invitation suites by LuckyLuxe.  Adorable!  Vintage!  Flourishes!  Silhouettes!  Yum!

cute 1 lucky luxecute 2 lucky luxeNow these silhouettes happen to be of a couple who loves to ski, but this layout is adorable and could be adapted for any couple!  

And last for today are some custom program fans from Custom-Programs dot com (Creative name, guys.).  I think these are cute and functional for when you have an outdoor wedding.  In fact, the picture of the women shading the sun from their eyes with the program makes me laugh.  It would also make for a cute photo op if everyone was waving these around as the couple is exiting the aisle.

www.custom-programs.comAlso, the Southern Weddings Magazine blog is currently hosting a contest for a reader to win 100 of these programs.  All you have to do is leave a comment on the post by midnight on June 2nd, 2009.

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A delicious discovery…

casanada ideiasHola!  Holla’!  Howdy!  Hi!

I stumbled upon a new blog to add to my repertoire of daily reads, and it’s a goooooooooood one!  It is Casando Ideias which losely translated means “marrying ideas”.  Beyond that, it’s simply busting at it’s blogging seams with gorgeous inspiration photography.  Commentary is listed in both Spanish and English, but the beauty of the collages and inspiration speaks to everyone on this planet.  Go check it out today!

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pioneer woman strawberry shortcake cakeI am going to make this.  Tonight.  Are you jelly?  Jammed?  Well, you can make this too my friends. 

I have had a relationship blooming over the last year or so, and it’s with a woman that I’ve never met.  She doesn’t know me from Eve, but I’d lick her bowls in a heartbeat.  Take that as you will, pervy-pervs!

Her name is Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman.  She’s a fantastic cook who generously shares her recipes amongst other things on her blog.  She is my savior for oh so many reasons.  When I first met A, I could not cook to save my life.  I’m a smart girl.  I can usually figure things out, but cooking was beyond me.  And then I stumbled upon Ree’s blog where she not only gives clever advice about how to make her sinfully delicious recipes, she also provides step by step pictures for those who don’t know how to do things like chop an onion or use a double boiler.  

Anyhoo, since A and I have moved in together, my cooking repertoire has vastly improved.  He no longer dreads dinner, and while I may have an occasional relapse into boring or burnt, my dinners are usually beautiful.  

I have found that I’ve especially excelled at baking lately.  Here are some recipes from Ree’s website that I’ve made recently that have made people propose to me in the streets.  Click on the pictures to be whisked away to her recipes on her website.  

First up:  carrot cake…This little devil of a recipe was soley responsible for a pay increase at work…that and my eyelashes.  Kidding.  On both counts.  I think. 

carrot cake pw

Next up:  apple pie.  The diabetic woman at work took an extra shot of insulen the day that I brought this for a teacher pot-luck.  I’m not joking.  She had 3 pieces.  And I was worried that my baking adventures had inadvertently caused the average glycemic index of the community to rise substantially…

apple pie

Next:  blueberry muffins…I made these for a select group of teachers at my school because the recipe only yielded 6 muffins.  I had to beat people away.  I wanted to beat a student who asked me over a dozen times why he couldn’t have the last muffin…after he had lunch…and had annoyed me for 20 minutes.  I wanted to eat it in front of him, but I saved it for a teacher friend who thanked me kindly through a stuffed blueberry mouth.  

blueberry muffins

Next:  cinnamon rolls…These little bastards made the biggest mess that has ever been in my tiny little kitchen.  It also was the most time intensive and took up the most storage as this recipe yielded 8 PANS OF CINNAMON ROLLS.  I took a pan to just about every group that I visit within the week.  I even took some to my classmates in my evening grad class who were confused at first but then settled into a sleepy complacency when they had stuffed themselves silly.  

cinnamon rolls

Next:  peach crisp…Fresh peaches, lots of sugar, warmth, and butter.  What more do you want?  This recipe is super easy and incredibly delicious.  It’s so rich that one pan will last you quite a while unless you have no self-control in which case you can come to my support group.  

peach crism

So tonight I will be making the Strawberry Shortcake Cake.  That’s what she calls it!  Stop snickering, you bastards!  You won’t be laughing when I keep the whole cake for myself.  

Anyhoo, this post has nothing to do with wedding planning, other than it’s easy to find multiple reasons why I avoid eating healthy.  Check out P-dubs website today!

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check and check. and check. and check…

check i.ehow.comOkay, so I don’t really write checks anymore.  I make almost all my payments online.  In fact, I don’t even have physical checks anymore.  I ran out about 4 months ago and figured that I didn’t want to order a new set until I have my new name after getting married.  Then…THEN my friends, I will have checks again. 

Anyhoo, this post is about getting things checked (off my to-do list) and getting things checked (paid for).  

This is what I got done this morning:

I signed the contract for our band, The Funktastic 5, and mailed it out.  We are very excited about this band.  Everyone loves them, they’ve got variety and energy, and I think it’s really going to help everyone get up and dancing at our wedding.  CHECK.  

I sent in the room block reservation form for our out-of-town guests.  CHECK.  

I signed the contract for our photobooth (Joe’s Photobooth).  Yay!!!!  I still need to write a physical check for this, so I’m going to wait until I get paid on the 1st to send this in.  That way I can up what I pay my FI, and he can write the check.  (ps:  I just ran that by my FI who is sitting 10 feet away from me who laughed when I asked him to write a check.  He thinks it’s HILARIOUS that I’m in check hiatus.)  CHECK.  

I also am being a good girl and making copies of everything and keeping all contracts and what not safe in my wedding expandable folder.  CHECK.  

I scheduled my first dress fitting appointment for June 12th.  At this appointment, I’ll be trying on the muslin mock up.  This will be a VERY interesting appointment as it will be the first time that I’ve actually seen Brandie Thomas‘s handywork.  I’ll take lots of pictures and post about that after the fitting.  CHECK.  

The last check (to-do) that I got done today was that I sent our invitation designer, Lindsey Ryan, all of our wedding info.  This was something that I had put off for some reason.  Gathering information was just something that I did not have time to do this last month until my grad classes were done for the semester.  I finally got all my ducks in a row, and she’s got all the information she needs to start designing our stationery suite.  I also asked her if she’d like to meet in person when I drive to Chicago on the 12th for my dress fitting.  CHECK!  

I’m le tired.

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Silhouettes are delightful…

I start to freak out if I can’t find a common thread that ties a group of objects together.  If I don’t have a great accessory or if my eyeliner falls short for the day, it kinda puts a damper on things for me.  I know.  It’s obsessive and shallow, but I keep these little digs in my head and don’t usually vocalize them.  I am afraid, however, that I need to vocalize my common thread that I hope to see flowing throughout our wedding theme.  

I’ve spoken before that we want a vintage garden look, and one thing that we are going to add to this is a silhouette of our faces.  I think this will come in SO handy in so many ways:  stationery, decorations, even bathroom signs!  

Today I am going to feature many pictures featuring silhouettes. 


Okay, two things.

Number 1:  I’m pissed because I can’t figure out how to display the damn pdf file in this post.  But if you click on the link there, you’ll see all my lovely silhouette pictures.  And I know that you can’t start a sentence with “but”….or “and”.  Thank you to lmariea for commenting on how to fix this!  

Number 2:  As per my resolution to give credit to images, I’m a little agast because I have no credit saved for any of these images.  If you see one of your own personal images, please send me a comment or an email so that I can properly praise your lovely work!

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