Eeeeeeek! I need your help! I can’t decide!


Okay, there’s something that you all need to know about me.  I am slow.  SLO-OW.  I just broke the word “slow” into two syllables to demonstrate my slo-owness. 

I take forever to make decisions, and I often change my mind much to the detriment of anyone who is present when I am trying to make a decision.  (Having a 26 month engagement has worked out perfectly for us because I can take my sweet time making every decision along the way.)

My girlfriends have long given up on going clothing shopping with me because I am the person who picks up a garment and carries it around for a couple of hours hemming and hawing over whether I really like it and can afford it.  In the end, after having made endure the endless ebb and flow of my opinion, I often put the garment back and walk out empty-handed.  This is a regular event. 

So now, I have a decision that I feel I need to make expeditiously:  the Kathlin Argiro rehearsal dinner dress.  I cannot make up my mind. 

Here is what I know:  My wedding gown and after party dress will both have a sweetheart neckline.  Because of this, I feel I need a different look for the rehearsal dinner dress.  I am also undecided if the Kathlin Argiro dress (KAd) will be used for my rehearsal dinner dress or my after party dress. 

Here are some dresses from KA that I like:

The Zoe dress:  Okay this dress had me at hello because it has POCKETS.  I have some kind of sick obsession with pockets.  This has a short hemline, but not too short…and it’s got a sexy v-neckline that will do justice to my cleavage.  I could order this in a white silk dupioni and use this as my after party dress.  Can you picture it with some cha-cha little heels? 


And here is the Blythe dress.  I love it!  So very Jackie-O!  I don’t have any dresses that look like this, and it is decidedly different than my wedding dress/after party dress look.  I love this blue lace and the little flower.  The lace also comes in purple (ick) and white and pink.  I could also get this done in a silk dupioni (although that’s what my wedding dress is in, so maybe not) or a seersucker.  I’m a sucker for seersucker. 


In white lace:


And in a seersucker:


I also love the Ballerina dress.  This is such a sweet little number.  Again, I’d probably order this in the seersucker, silk dupioni, or lace. 


Help me to decide!  Weddingbee has already contacted me to ask which dress/size/material etc. I’d like to order.

I think I need to make a decision by the end of the day probably….oh dear.


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  1. I like the Blythe dress in blue and seersucker. What ever you decide I am sure you will look marvelous ;o)

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