I’m a weener.


So after all the ongoing drama with the Weddingbee/Kathlin Argiro bridesmaid dress contest, they posted the results yesterday.  We did indeed come in second place.  Apart from the whole accusation of cheating thing, the contest was really fun and brought my bridesmaids closer together…even though it was all bonding over emails and what not. 

Lizz C. won first place, so she gets the loot:  5 bridesmaid dresses of her choice from Kathlin Argiro’s designs.  That’s so fucking awesome.  I really hope that beyond having a beautiful board, that her BMs truely deserve free dresses.  If they are rich bitches, then I am going to steam for a while.  And then I’ll get over it. 

Before I’ve mentioned that I’m having my bridesmaids pick out their own green dress, and I do really like that idea, so we are back to that after having NOT gotten first place in the contest. 

Unbeknownst to me, second place board gets a free rehearsal dinner dress for the bride.  Well…that’s ME!  I guess I didn’t realize this as I was too focused on first place.  I felt kind of sheepish emailing my bridesmaids saying, “Well thanks for working so hard to get votes for our board.  You get nothing, and I get a dress.”  I felt really sheeeeeeeepish.  I did not realize that second place got something.  As a cynical person, had I been my bridesmaid, I would have not believed me.  Of course, my bridesmaids are lovely people, so they’re happy for me.  I think.

So now the question is…what dress to pick…and in what size.  This is the way I think about this…

I have been toying with the idea that I would like a mini-version of my wedding dress to put on at the end of the reception for the last dance and then the transition to the after party. 

Below is a picture of what my dress will look like.  This is the jcrew Lucinda dress that I cannot afford at $2500.  Isn’t she lovely?  Isn’t she won-der-ful.  (Thanks, Stevie Wonder…)  As I’ve discussed in prior posts, I am having this dress made by the wonderously talented Etsy vendor, Beyond the Reflection, aka:  Brandie Thomas.  The dress will be made in silk dupioni and will only cost me $375!   


As for the “mini” version of my dress, I have the following inspiration picture by Jim Hjelm.  The sweetheart neckline and pockets would be a perfect mimic of my wedding gown with a short and sassy hemline. 


Of course, I have also fallen for etsy vendor, Sarah Seven’s little white number.  So sweet!


And just to add insult to injury, let’s throw in an Oscar:


Honestly, I love this dress so much, that I’m thinking about asking Brandie to make this one as well. 

Anyhoo, the question then turns, what do I order from Kathlin Argiro?  Do I order an after party dress?  Do I order a rehearsal dinner dress?  Do I order it in my current size, or the size that I’ve set my goal for for my wedding day?  Oooooh…that last one is evil!  But I just may do it!


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  1. Yippie! I was really pulling for you. I am glad you got 2nd place 🙂

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