Unsolicited support from my favorite person in the whole world…

ringMy stress level is a little off kilter right now. 

Yesterday I was looking at my engagement ring, as I so often do, and I spotted something in the middle of the diamond.  It looked like a crack.  I freaked.  I gave it a good cleaning and looked again…my eye was still seeing a crack.  Crisis.

What do you do if your engagement ring is suddenly not perfect??  It’s the ring that was there at the moment when my FI got down on one knee and asked me to be with him forever.  The ring is so much more than a ring.  Within its facets and brilliant shine, it carries a thousand memories.  So what do you do when you think you may have damaged your ring? 

We have the ultimate protection plan on this baby.  I could lose it, smash it, or smother it in peanut butter, and our jeweler will clean it, fix it, or replace it.  But I would be so sad if I ever had to replace any part of it…oh I know that eventually the gold will need to be redipped and what not.  But the diamond is there forever.  I could never upgrade it.  I love it.  It represents everything to me.

So in a panic, I called my FI who reassured me that the diamond could not crack and that it was probably just in need of a good cleaning.  I told him that I was going straight to the dealer after work and hung up.  I said “bye” but I was annoyed at his dismissal of my panic.  Could this have been a result of my period starting yesterday?  Perhaps.  🙂

I went through the whole day worrying about my ring and even got a science teacher to allow me to look at my ring under one of his scopes.  I couldn’t see much.  My worries and neuroses grew all day long until I was just a big bundle of nerves. 

I was trying to hurry out the door to head to the jewelers and was so vastly annoyed to hear over the intercom that someone was in the office to see me.  I rolled my eyes and storm-walked down to the office.  Do you know what “storm walking” is?  It’s when you’re pissed, you’re late, you’re period is flowing, and you’re ready to punch any student who asks you another question while you’re trying to be somewhere on the opposite side of the school.  I storm-walked into the office to see my visitor, and my eyes fell on my fiance who was standing at the counter with a folder in his hands containing all the ring paper work.

I love him.  Have I told you that?  He is the love of my life, and I love him more than I can ever express.  He loves me even though I’m off-kilter on a regular basis.  I love him I love him I love him. 

Anyhoo, we drove to the jewelers who gave my ring a good cleaning and put it under the scope to check for any flaws.  Nothing.  My diamond is perfect.  My memories are safe.  My love is real. 

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