Everyone needs a good duck…


Duck!  I SAID DUCK!  Okay, so I need your help readers.  You know how I am constantly entering contests?  And you know how I’ve been fairly lucky so far?  Well now I need that luck to pull through again.  I entered the contest on Weddingbee.com recently to win bridesmaid dresses from Kathlin Argiro, a fantastic designer!  To enter, you needed to make an inspiration board featuring one of her dresses and send it in. 

What is an inspiration board, you say?  Oh my…they are all the good things of a wedding vision wrapped up in some sort of lay out.  My favorite place to find yummy inspiration boards is Style Me Pretty.  They frequently feature inspiration boards that put together color combination and design details that will make your skirt fly up.  Check them out on my blog roll.  Here are a few of my favorites:


I love the lovely candleglow and greens in the one above.  Siiigggghhh…


I love love love this one because I love love love Sofia Capola’s Marie Antoinette.  There’s something about the coquettishness and decadence of this film that makes my nerves stand on end.  I drive my fiance crazy because I will pop this movie into the dvd player whenever I am left alone in the living room for more than four minutes.  My rule is that once it’s in, it has to play in its entirety…


Oh Gawd….”Vintage Art Deco” is the name of this inspiration board, and it just made me orgasm.  I love art deco! 

Anyhoo, I had never created an inspiration board of my own, so I thought this would be a fun opportunity to try.  The inspiraiton board at the top of this post is what I sent in.  Not bad for a first attempt, but knowing what other inspiration boards look like, I had no expectations that mine would even come close to winning.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut….Yesterday Weddingbee posted the top 8 inspiration boards for members to peruse.  AND GUESS WHO IS LUCKY BOARD NUMBER SEVEN.  THAT’S RIGHT!!!!  MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  MWA HA HA HA HA!

Whoa.  That was uncalled for.  My appologies…The fact that my inspiration board made it to the final eight makes me laugh embarassedly…If you look at the other finalist inspiration boards  and then look at mine, you will see a marked difference.  Mine kinda looks like the kindergarten finger paint picture that was hung up in a museum gallery amongst masterpieces.  Seriously, I’m not really sure why I’m a finalist.  My helpful and loving fiance said, “Maybe they only had eight entries.”  Thanks for the reality check, love.  For that remark, I promptly made him log on and vote for my board. 

His question, along with others, was, “Why is there a duck?”  Why CAN’T there be a duck?  The duck is cute!  The duck was the perfect shade of yellow!  The duck stays!  I also think the duck might win me sucker points when people are like aww….they let that special girl be one of the finalists…DON’T WE ALL LIKE TO ROOT FOR THE UNDERDOG?  Well this is the underduck…or the underbride…or whatever…

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways…my bridesmaids are FANTASTIC women.  Three of them are teachers and one is an accountant.  NONE of them are rich, and ALL of them are deserving of a free bridesmaid dress.  So even if you are sitting there thinking, “This bitch has won enough…”, just remember, it’s not for me!  I’m selfless!  Not really, but I get nadda out of this!  Only bragging rights…(I do love me some good bragging rights…)

But please!  If you have a spare 10 seconds today, go to the contest page and vote for my board, number seven….the goofy duck board.  And if you have 10 more spare seconds, get someone else to vote.  Get your neighbor!  Get your post man!  Get your granny!  Thank ya!


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