Muddled feelings clearing up.


I found this picture yesterday while looking at the Lucky Luxe blog (swoon).  This post card that they featured is pretty much spot on for what we are looking for for the theme of our stationery.  I’m talking font here, folks.  No one is dressing up like a flapper, and there won’t be coat tails.  The theme of our wedding is a little muddled, and I am working on defining it every day.  We are looking for flowers and soft lighting, and hospitality, and above all else, nostalgia. 

I have been working for months to pin point our theme, and this is what I know as of yet:

Colors:  Bright yet classic.  All flowers and my dress will be a crisp white.  Guys suits will be navy blue.  Bridesmaids are picking out their own green dress.  My flower girls and attendants will have bright yellow dresses.  There will be a splash of pink with my shoes and my crinoline. 


Flowers:  Soft, big white blooms.  Lush greenery.  Nothing whimpy.  Daisies will not set foot within a mile of our wedding.  Silver urns and vases. 



Lighting:  Candle light, lanterns, globe string lights, glow, warm, ahhhh…I love lighting.  I will have NONE of that new wave of neon lighting that I keep seeing spring up everywhere that looks like the wedding took place in a basement techno club.  Techno club is NOT our theme.  Instead we want this feeling:


Music:  Live, happy, dancing, smiles, classic.  We will have a Celtic band (I hope) for the ceremony and cocktail hour.  Then for dancing later, we will have a 5 piece band play some classics and some more modern songs.


Favors:  I hate crappy little crap crap favors that are cheesy, cliched, cheap, and thrown out immediately.  If you like tiny little eiffel towers, then get one for your f-ing coffee table, and call it a day.  No one else wants one.  We are doing a photobooth.  It goes with our nostalgia, and people actually LIKE pictures. 


Food:  Delicious and plenty.  No one will go for want of food or drink at our reception.


Stationery:  Vintage, silhouettes, bold fonts, weathered yet still remaining crisp clean lines.


Venue:  Beautiful golf course with rolling hills and mature trees in the middle of the country.  Deere Run has fantastic service and an atmosphere that cannot be beat. 


So this is where I stand at this point for the feeeeeeeeeeeeel of our wedding.  It is being refined as time goes on, but I think we are getting closer.  What is your theme?


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