See? I’m not such a control freak.

colorsAfter reading my rushed an unedited post from yesterday, I realize that I failed to bring my story full circle…

As a result of the whole limosine/engagement episode, I have outlawed limos for life.  I specifically picked our wedding venue so that we could spend all day there with no need to drive anywhere.  Limos are dead!

Anyhoo, the picture above represents the colorful whirlwind that is going on in my head these days.  I knew straight off the engagement that I wanted green to be incorporated into our wedding somehow.  We are getting married on a golf course, and our flowers are all white, so shades of green will look lovely.  The guys will be wearing navy suits (a throw back to Leonardo DiCaprio’s wedding suit in Romeo and Juliet).  I love that idea. 

So I started on the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress.  Automatically I thought strapless because…well…that’s how I think, until my FSIL approached me and secretly begged me not to pick a strapless dress.  So then I thought everyone in a halter type dress…then I thought tell everyone a designer and a swatch and let them pick.  And then I said FUCK IT.  Oops…this is a wedding blog.  How unbridely of me.  But that’s what I said. 

I have decided that I am going to eliminate all bridesmaid stress from my life forever.  They have now all been told “green” and to go pick out a dress that they like.  I don’t care if the colors, length, material, neckline, etc, etc. match at all.  I don’t care what shoes they wear.  I don’t care what jewelry they wear.  This picture is my inspiration for this…


Look, everyone has picked out their own green dress.  Everyone has a dress that they like, and everyone is gorgeous and happy looking.  Plus the variation in color and texture in the picture looks so great! 

I hate matchy matchy….pictures like the one below make me want to throw up:


I mean, look at the girl on the end who’s mean-mugging the camera.  She is NOT happy.  Someone stuffed her into this dress and told her to smile.


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  1. agree with you on having bridesmaids choose their own dresses 🙂

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